Iphone 4s Stuck on Edge


    For several months now my kids Iphone 4s are stuck on Edge Data.  We have gone through the resetting network settings on the Iphone menu with no improvement.  I opened a ticket with Tmobile and they said there were cell tower issues in our area.  My kids tell me other friends that have Tmobile are also experiencing the issue and have been for some time.  We are in a pretty big city so one would think Tmobile would fix this.   My Iphone SE has no issues connecting to LTE.  Its been almost three months now and my kids are bugging me to switch carriers over this...

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Iphone 4s Stuck on Edge

        In most markets T-Mobile has HSPA+ on band-2 (1900MHz).  There are a few markets where they had to put HSPA+ on band-4 (AWS).

        The iPhone 4 and 4s have HSPA+ bands 1, 2, 5 & 8. If you are in a market where T-Mobile has put HSPA+ on band-4, (e.g. Denver), your iPhone will get 2G only. T-Mobile (at least according to their CDO, Nevile Ray) wants to move away from 2G & 3G technology and become an all-LTE network.