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Any update on digits multiLine for the Galaxy s8


    I am still una me to access multi-Line settings on my Galaxy S8.   My son has been whitelisted already.  When I insert my sim into my old Note 5 multiLine pops up immediately however I still don't have the option in the s8.

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      • tmo_evan

        Sorry that you're having an issue here, but it is super odd that this is happening.  Basically you've confirmed that you've received the unlock for DIGITS for the device by putting it into the Note 5 and that it popups the settings.  Doing the same thing should happen in the S8. 


        To confirm it is a T-Mobile purchased S8?

        Also I'm assuming that you've probably rebooted the device multiple times?


        If neither of those work, what I'd suggest is the following:

        1. Make sure you're logged in with your Samsung Account

        2. Force it to do a full back up of your device

        3. [Factory reset it] really don't want to recommend doing that, but luckily the Samsung back up for the device is quite good

        4. See if that unlocks the multi-line settings


        If that doesn't work, please let us know since it indicates that there must be some other issue with either the firmware or some configuration change that hasn't been otherwise accounted for.


        Thanks for helping out!

        • johnmcc07

          Evan, when I spoke to support last week I was told Multi line is still not functional with Samsung. Has that changed? It seems unreliable on my S8+

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey, magenta1565987! We wanted to touch base and see if you'd had a chance to walk through the steps tmo_evan provided above. How is everything going?


            johnmcc07, by unreliable do you mean you're unable to use your multi-line settings entirely, or are you having trouble staying paired?


            - Marissa