Ever since Digits was turned on for my phone number, all of my calls have high latency and echo.  Is there any way to fix this?


    Ever since I signed up for the beta, all my calls through Digits, T-mobile's regular phone network, and Wi-Fi calling now has high latency and echoing.     This happens on my main phone (Galaxy Note 5) using the regular android phone app, the tmobile digits app on android and ios, and the tmobile digits web app.  It's a universal problem across all my devices.


    I can't get a good clear call with anyone nowadays.  I noticed that on my phone settings (Galaxy Note 5), the option for VoLTE is also not available?  Could that have something to do with this problem?



    At this point, I wish I never signed up for this service as it's killing my normal use of the phone.  What can I do to fix this?!

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      • magentaloco

        I am having this same issue and my phone was replaced , costed me 150$ for insurance. cause they said I must of broke mic some how

          • leonowski

            Well, it's good to know that I'm not the only one.  I realize this is a beta and I've lived with this for a few months now hoping it would get fixed eventually.  My post was made in the hopes that someone at T-Mobile can comment on this


            Again, this problem happens on both the T-Mobile regular network calls through the android dialer app, the digits app, and through wi-fi calling (the regular dialing app with wi-fi calling enabled).  I have connected to various wi-fi networks outside of my home with the same results.  My home connection has very low latency and high bandwidth.  I've configured my router to use QoS to prioritize my phone and I've also allowed my phone to be the only device connected to the network as a way to isolate the problem.  Nothing has helped.


            When I'm out driving and have a strong 4G LTE connection, my calls are still bad.  I was hoping I could toggle VoLTE in the settings to try and help the situation, but again, the entire setting has gone missing from my phone since signing up for Digits.



            This seems to be a serious problem.  I assume voice and sms/mms are routed differently for beta Digits customers.  T-mobile support, Is there a way you can examine my connection end-to-end to try and figure this out?  I would be glad to help you troubleshoot.



          • tmo_chris

            This issue is very strange indeed! I've been supporting the DIGITS beta since launch and this is the first I have heard of these kinds of call quality issues. I will send both of you a private message so we can gather some necessary info.

            • debjitjdv

              tmo_chris leonowski


              The VoLTE connection has not gone missing. I am assuming you are using a Samsung Device S6 or higher than that. Following the path laid out by evanmf , I can assure you that VoLTE settings is not missing. Pretty much everything for DIGITS depends on LTE or UMTS network. If you are on LTE, you should be registered to IMS. You can check that in Settings->About device. If you are in UMTS things work in a bit different way and I remember folks are working to make this similar. The VoLTE settings is just hidden to make sure you DO NOT accidentally switch off that setting which will cause DIGITS to fail to work. Calls are usually placed over the regular cellular network using LTE (if available). Messages use data. Since your SIM card is white listed (in BETA terminology) your Multi-line settings got enabled and VoLTE got hidden. If you put any other non whitelisted SIM card, you will see the reverse. Your VoLTE is working just fine albeit at the backend.


              The latency and echo is something that I strongly believe has nothing to do with VoLTE. I believe if tmo_chris and evanmf  forward it to correct back-end engineer, they can put a tracer to find which DIGITS system is malfunctioning. On the other hand, if there is an availability, can you put your sim card in any other device


              1. can you put your sim card in any other device and see how call quality is

              2. put any other non-white listed sim card in your actual device and see how call quality is

              3. Log out of multi-line settings and use latest DIGITS app from Play Store.

              4. Try to clean your /cache in the first place.


              This basic troubleshooting should give better understanding of the problem when the engineers contact you,