Issues since upgrading


    I upgraded my phone because of Network upgrades, got a snazzy Iphone SE 16gb since they didn't have 32, am unable to access anything via data plan, this weekend when attempting I kept getting a message that  my device doesn't have data...I just bought a new phone and switched plans to the ONE plan.  Kicker have spent my lunch hour ATTEMPTING to contact customer service, I prefer to chat for privacy reasons but no agent ever came online, tried calling but there was a wait, although I prefer chat...I'm very disappointed and concerned that I may have made a mistake upgrading. Can anyone help please? Thanks!  My bill also says I have a 32gb, not true and on the app and online my bill is different.

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      • You might check with a store for a new SIM and maybe try resetting network settings on the phone.


        You can change the phone model online and it should update in the app. But to this day I switch between 3 phones and TMOs system rarely displays the correct currently used phone.

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          Re: Issues since upgrading

          Hello Jacqueline, I assure you this is simply a common error that happens when switching to T-Mobile ONE or any new rate plan for that matter. What happened was the representative who processed the rate plan change may not have made sure that the T-Mobile ONE data plan is attached to your line. It's mainly an issue when switching from a grandfathered Simple Choice plan. The data feature "falls off" essentially and just needs to be clicked back on.


          The fix is simply getting a hold of Customer Service so they can see that your data SOC is missing. I know you've tried and prefer the chat method (I personally do too). I would attempt the chat method on a laptop or desktop computer where you can wait for a rep. If not, calling is always an option. @