LG G4 previously SIM unlocked is now LOCKED. App is not working.


    I have a T-mobile Lg G4, and I have had it for a while now. I was in a family plan in the US and used the T-mobile Device Unlock to obtain a permanent unlock. I used my device in Spain (with a Spanish SIM) with no issues.

    Last week, I left the US and changed my plan from the monthly family plan to a pre-paid system, since I am no longer going to be using T-mobile network. I had planned to just buy a SIM in the UK, replace it and good to go.


    When I tried doing this, I got a "Network locked" error. I tried using the Device Unlock and now I get an error saying that the unlock failed because my device is not eligible for unlock (pic1)


    I called T-mobile customer service. After a lengthy explanation, I was told that my query was being redirected to the "lock department" and that I should get an email in 24-72h. I did, only to receive the standard instructions on how to use the Device Unlock app, which still does not work.

    I called again T-mobile, after 1 h on the phone, I was given the same instructions, but, this time, I was told that in their system, my device is unlocked, so it is not fault on their part and wanted to blame poor cell coverage when I inserted the UK sim (even though I was in a store in the middle of London when I tried).



    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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