LG K7 Gets and receives calls 50% of the time (w/ Wifi too)


    This phone has been problematic since I've owned it, about 1 year. I have good service, 3 or 4 bars, and choose to use Wifi when at home. Usually, when I get home from work, the phone connects to Wifi but won't place or receive calls. It says "Connecting", but doesn't and the calls ends after 30 seconds. When I do a restart, that will sometimes cure the problem, but not today. I got a call in the car and said I'd call back when I got home. Tried 4 times and nothing. Restart - nothing. Did a 20 minute update of system. Still nothing. Web browsing works fine through Wifi. I don't have a data plan. Also, sometimes I don't get a voicemail until hours later, another annoying problem. This phone or T-Mobile is unreliable and frustrating. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks!

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