T-Mobile Promotion, what a big lie


    I sign up enroll Thanksgiving promotion for two free tablets and free data.


    However; this just a big lie to the customer, it end up charging me additional 42$ monthly for this what they called "Promotion & Free"


    I have been call customer support almost every month, and most of time they do have customer service agent do true research and give me credit back.


    They said they fix the issue and next bill will not charge those 42$ again and than next month bill still show up again.


    Eventually, I sign up those tablets just because T-Mobile said their are free, otherwise; I not really need it.


    So stressful to deal with this; I call today to complaint, from the person call himself specialist until I request talk to his manager and he manager even worse .


    He said he not welcome customer like me, he said if I want to cancel those two tablets , I have to pay 400$


    I have four lines family plan with T-Mobile for 7 years. I think it's time for me to look for other company to switch, may be AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.


    Even I have to pay the same cost as I pay T-Mobile now, I still do it any way. I feel like I do hate T-Mobile so much today.


    After I found better deal, then I will say Bye Bye to T-Mobile.



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      • You kinda have to read the terms and agreement.  T&A usually state there is a rebate card for the price of the promo.  You don't get a free rebate and free devices.  Even with bill credits you have to stay with T-Mobile for the duration of the agreement.


        Re-read your agreement.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: T-Mobile Promotion, what a big lie

          Hey, magenta1561715. We appreciate the opportunity to provide your family's service for seven years -- that is no small drop in the bucket! We hate reading that you had such a negative experience with our team today and with this promotion overall that you're considering leaving!


          We do tablet offers from time to time (you'll see plenty if you scroll through the T-Mobile Offer Details page), where you're billed for both for the Mobile Internet service and for the tablet(s) EIP, and then receive an offsetting credit that covers the tablet portion of these charges. I also know we ran a promotion called Friends and Family 2 Lines On Us around the same time as a tablet promo this past holiday season. I'll admit that the two lines promotion was a little trickier because eligibility depended on how many active lines you already had, what type of plan you were on, etc... and, when it comes to Mobile Internet lines, the promotion did have a payout cap. Since the cost of a Mobile Internet line varies depending on the amount of data included, you'd need to add a high enough data plan to maintain eligibility for the free tablet... but the free line promo might not cover the entire cost. That said, you should definitely be getting some -- if not all -- of the Mobile Internet service covered.


          Here's where we need a team with account access to help. We want to make sure you're receiving the maximum total benefit for both promotions. As long as you participated in these offers during the period where they overlapped, they could definitely be combined! But since the Support Community is a public user forum, we're not able to take a look. Can you reach out to our T-Force team via DM in Twitter or Facebook Message? In those social media channels, we have a large and skilled staff who are able to securely verify your account and get to the bottom of this once and for all. There is a research and escalation process for missing promotional credits, and if you're not receiving yours, we definitely don't want that slipping through the cracks. We just need the opportunity to review your purchase and activation dates, plan, and existing adjustments, and figure out what's going on here. I'm sorry that you've had to put forth so much effort reaching out month after month to ask for manual bill corrections, and to read that you had such a negative experience reaching out again today. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to post here, after everything else.


          - Marissa

            • magenta1561715

              Re: T-Mobile Promotion, what a big lie

              (Edit: removed personal info. TMO_Chris)


              I don't know who you are but if you have sure powerful access to my account than you tell me if I qualify for this promotion or not?


              The customer service manager today talk to me

              T-Mobile should fired him for good


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                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: T-Mobile Promotion, what a big lie

                  Oh, magenta1561715, I'm sorry for any confusion. In my post I meant to explain that we are not able to access your account from this user forum. I know you've spent a lot of time on the phone us, but since you're reaching out online at this point, I would like to encourage you to contact our T-Force team via social media -- you can Message us on Facebook to work with them, or send a message to @tmobilehelp on Twitter. In those channels we do have a secure verification method, so that we can look everything up and get this settled for you!


                  - Marissa