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    We are a business that offers follow up surveys to customers after they've interacted with us.  We ask permission for the user to allow us to call them.  Our number is showing up as "Scam Likely" to people using T-Mobile.  What are the steps to get this corrected?  We understand the value of this feature, and we want to ensure we're following expected behavior as well.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: remove number from Scam Block

        Welcome, anztenney! As a business, we rely on customer feedback as well -- I'm sorry to read that your client base might be worried when your survey call arrives! You can report the need for this correction here: T-Mobile Scam Call Reporting. Hopefully our support teams will have you back on track for your feedback in no time!


        - Marissa

        • jlmark

          Re: remove number from Scam Block

          I work with a large well-known public company, and we offer a service whereby consumers views our website, and if they want to interact with one of our customers, they call the number on their online lead form.  In order to track our results, and to avoid posting our customer's personal phone numbers online, we contract thousands of Call Tracking Numbers (CTNs) that we then assign to each of our lead forms.  


          Consumers only calls these numbers if they want this specific information, but our customers with T-Mobile or Metro PCS are seeing the messages as  'Scam Likely', so they're not answering calls from these legitimate leads. (We could provide any number of leads per day to them, but potentially they wouldn't see any of them.)   How can we avoid this?


          I see that we can provide a list of numbers to you to have white-listed, but our list of numbers constantly changes as our leads go on and offline.  I'd like to speak with someone on the phone if possible and we can provide more specific information, and discuss a potential solution.


          - Julie

            • drnewcomb2

              Re: remove number from Scam Block

              T-Mobile's SCAM ID process analyzes the way calls are originated. Calls that are "daemon dialed" en masse are likely to be flagged. The best way to avoid being flagged is to originate the calls one-at-a-time. You can also let the people who volunteer to receive your calls know that the calls may be flagged as "SCAM Likely" and to turn off SCAM ID and blocking.