I've read and re-read the eligibility for locking online documents, but I have a question about its limitations.

    I have bought an iPhone 6 off a friend, fully paid off, but it is not accepting any non-T-Mobile sim cards, as it is assumed still locked. And now i live in vietnam, please help me unlock my iphone .. tks

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      • gramps28

        Re: Worker

        Your friend is going to have to meet the requirements and request the code.


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          • drnewcomb2

            Re: Worker

            A few days after your friend makes the request and it is approved, you should be able to sync the phone in iTunes and it will become unlocked.


            BTW, you should have sorted this all out at the time you got the phone and not waited until you're in a different country.

              • duylê

                Re: Worker

                so sorry. I have no way to contact the person I bought it. Because I live in Vietnam and that person is in America. So, I look forward to your help to exchange with me as a true iPhone owner. Without your help to unlock the iPhone network I would probably never use it normally. Actually I really need your help, for me, if I get help from you I am very grateful ...! And actually I was no longer eligible to be able to unlock my iphone. Tks very much

                  • drnewcomb2

                    Re: Worker

                    I have no ability to help you other than with advice. I don't work for T-Mobile and am just a customer who participates in this forum.

                    T-Mobile's unlocking requirements are pretty specifically spelled out in this document.

                    It seems to me that your problem is with this "friend" you purchased the locked phone from and not with T-Mobile.