Video issues.


    I'm having a random wired issue. Seems like a possible OS big that needs to be reported to Samsung and I couldn't find a way to do that so figured I would post here.


    I've seen this with videos on YouTube and music play apps and on the browsers.


    You'll play a video then out of no where the image completely scrambles and becomes fully pixalated and freezes. During the freeze I lose audio too. A few seconds later it plays as if nothing ever happened.


    Then every so often it keeps doing this. I've tried everything even using the switch software to reload os from computer. No go. Nothing fixes this problem for all steps I've tried.


    Also, I have an issues where the network portion of the phone just goes stupid from time to time...I'll see 4g and wifi on at the same time even though I do not have turbo download feature enabled. Or it'll keep randomly flipping between lte 4g and edge. Over and over again causing an unstable connection. Resetting the network fixes the problem but only temporary before the issues return. And keeps randomly disconnecting wifi.


    Hate that I can't remap bixby button or delete bloatware from this phone. Almost like Samsung forces use to use the phone according to them even though the phone is ours.


    Also hate the battery saving features that cuts off my streaming when phone is on standby. I have to forcefully use third party apps to force the OS to disable battery savers. Then I can play stuff while the phone is with the screen off. On standby.


    S8 has best in class processor. But slow ram compared to other phones. And the os is restrictive which all takes away from from the beauty of this phone.


    First I'm wondering if anyone had issues above. And second...I hope I can get TMobiles eye on this post.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Video issues.

        Hey there! This is a fairly odd issue indeed. What specific Samsung device are you using and is this something that just recently started or something that has been ongoing since you pulled the phone out of the box? The issue you are having with the network dropping is concerning as a loss in data signal can cause issues with video streaming but it should only pause the video and let you know that it is buffering rather than pixelating and freezing. Do you happen to notice if this issue is only happening when you are in a specific area, specifically an area where there is low coverage?

          • techguy3184

            Re: Video issues.

            Hi Chris,


            This device is a brand new s8. The issues have happened since all upgrades

            took place. I've tried about every troubleshooting steps with nothing



            It seems to me like it could be a bug that needs to be fixed. And I was

            bringing this up to tmo so that your developers could speak with Samsung

            for a fix.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Video issues.

                My goodness! A brand new S8 should not be having these types of problems I have not actually seen any other reports of this specific issue nor do I see this listed as a known bug. Did you happen to be able to take note of when specifically this issue is happening? How many bars of signal does your phone show when the videos freeze up? Does this seem to happen more often in specific locations?

                  • techguy3184

                    Re: Video issues.

                    Nothing with regards to location and signal is always strong. I've even had

                    this on wifi. And I ha EA gigabit fiber internet.


                    Tested on wifi on a S7 edge. A Nexus 5x. A Nexus 6. None experience the

                    same issues on wifi. But this phone does.


                    Issue happens on streaming and video play back.


                    Let's say I'm streaming on YouTube suddenly the screen scrambles and

                    freezes up then let's go like nothing happened some times I lose audio too.


                    Phone support offered replacement but being that this fun is literally

                    brand new I didn't want to jump to another replacement s8 unless it was

                    brand new.


                    I tired of buying brand new phones just to end up with replacements and

                    half of the time the problem ends up being software related.


                    S8 is a great phone hardware wise. Very responsive with sweet nice looks.

                    Software wise it lacks.


                    New touchwiz is restrictive. Forcing us to use the phone according to

                    Samsung even though we own the phone.

                    Can't get rid of the Samsung apps nor shut them down. Overall bad



                    Then you add the video issues and a few other bugs and now you have an

                    amazing phone with crap installed on it. Same applies with other

                    manufactors unless you go pixel or Nexus phones.


                    But that's getting off topic.



                    The video issue is random and has a mind of its own. But when it does

                    happen it's annoying.


                    I hope this helps and again I really hope that tmo engineers work with

                    Samsung to squash bugs and improve experience.


                    Will wait a reply.

                      • tmo_chris

                        Re: Video issues.

                        Thanks for clarifying! Typically with software specific bugs, we will see a large amount of reports coming in about it. Many of my coworkers have the S8 as well as many users in this community and this is the first I have seen of this specific issue. I did a bit of Google searching as well as was unable to turn up anything that was similar to your issue. I did however find that when Samsung released the S7, they added a feature called "Video Enhancer" and I am wondering if toggling this setting has any impact on the video quality on your S8.


                        To turn on or off Video enhancer, you can follow these steps.

                        Go to "Settings"

                        Tap on "Advanced features"

                        Scroll down and select "Video enhancer"


                        If it is off, try turning it on and seeing if the problem persists and vice versa if it is currently on.

                          • techguy3184

                            Re: Video issues.

                            I'm starting to think this might be a lemon device I was given.


                            Here is my thought behind this.


                            First video issues that get rather more frequent as the days go by.


                            If I use nfc, Bluetooth, wifi, and carrier  radios all together and really

                            push the radio infrastructure of this phone it freeze and shuts down all

                            communication on the phone. Sometimes to the point it freezes the entire

                            phone heats up than shuts down and reboots. Such behavour is usually of

                            defeatctive components.


                            I've used a wide array of benchmark testing apps just to compare against

                            the same s8 that I have. I used the reputable benchmarks that have

                            validated drevice to accurately test against and tests consistently comes

                            in lower than other TMobile varients of the s8's out there. Again typical

                            of something not working right internally.


                            I have noticed a high consumption of battery. To test this I did a hard

                            reset through the recovery menu then launched the phone in safe mode using

                            instructions from the net. This way the phone is completely clean as it was

                            when it was shipped from Samsung. Left the phone alone. 9am 92% battery and

                            at 10pm it was dead. Showing me a the little icon to charge the phone.


                            Repeated the test this time really disabling everything the phone allowed

                            me to disable. 9am 95 percent. 10pm 2percent. So it slowed it a tiny bit

                            but still something in the background keeps using the battery cycles. Or my

                            phone just has a faulty battery which scares me knowing the reputation with

                            Samsung and bad batteries.


                            Then I noticed Bluetooth issues. For such a strong phone Bluetooth is

                            supposed to have decent distance. I had a line of sight connection to a

                            mega boom Bluetooth speaker. I simply place my hand between the phone and

                            device and the speaker started stuttering and eventually the Bluetooth on

                            the phone failed turned off and wouldn't turn on for a long time.


                            I did try turning the enhancer on and off. But either way it showed the

                            same results.


                            I can't believe it that I was the lucky on to get the lemon device.


                            So far with TMobile I've had a LG F5 that had burn in within a year and

                            just kept getting worst. Got a replacement and ended up with the same

                            issue. So I switched to a s7 edge. The first edge upon power up heated up

                            to the point of nearly burning my hand. No smoke or buldging but very very

                            hot. And it was Stuck on the TMobile loading screen. So I held the power

                            button for a long time and it rebooted and second time loaded fine. But

                            already I was skeptical.


                            Through the first year of use I've noticed the need to reboot the device

                            kept increasing. The resets where getting more freuqent and the device just

                            kept getting unstable. So I replaced it. Got a like new replacement. And

                            that one had a few quirks but for the most part worked ok.


                            And now I got a lemon s8.


                            When I had purchased my Nexus 6 from TMobile long ago I never had a single

                            issue with that phone and still have it today in perfect working order.


                            When I ordered my Nexus 5x from Google and hooked it up with an account

                            from TMobile it too never once gave me any issues. My LG tablet never gave

                            me any issues either.


                            I just can't understand why is it my luck that I keep ending up with bad

                            devices. Almost makes me want to change providers just to see if there

                            version of the phone is any better.


                            I want to be like the other users in this community, happy and enjoying

                            thier "Working" s8 phone.


                            Let me know if you have any recommendation thanks.

                              • tmo_chris

                                Re: Video issues.

                                I really appreciate your detailed response. It does indeed sound like you have a faulty device I would be very sad if you chose to cancel your service over this issue! We want you to have a working device that you love as that is what you paid for. I would strongly recommend taking advantage of the warranty replacement that we offer so that you can get back to enjoying your phone. We honor the 1 year manufacturer warranty that Samsung provides and we will send you out the replacement first (if you have a postpaid account) so that the downtime between phones is minimized.

                    • rbryinc

                      Re: Video issues.

                      Interesting, sounds like there might be some conflict somewhere.  I have the S8+ and have no video issues at all