Very disappointed with the service need help


    My Galaxy s7 was defective due to some speaker issues, so I called in for replacement within warranty period, but somehow T-mobile lost my replacement order. After couple weeks I call in they say there is no such order I need place a new one(they thought I send the phone before I place the order, but the shipping label was provided by T-mobile, how could I send the phone before they give me the label, its not making sense), so I did. Then there is no updates ever since, and that's 4 months ago. Ever since that, I keep calling in, and T-mobile keep doing meaningless researches for prove that I have send the phone(T-mobile revived my phone one January,  plus they did find the phone once, but later I called in, they denied the research, offer to redo the research, so on and so on, endless researches, but never actually place the right order for me). T-mobile been delaying this order for 4 months, I really considering suing T-mobile for such situation, but I'm just college student don't have time and money for that, can anyone give me some suggestions?


    I've tried contact them via message, phone calls, contacted with representatives, advisers, and managers, none of them did solved my problem. I have contacted with them over 20 times took me hrs for each calls. I'm really sicked of their service. It's slowest and most inefficient work ever. Not mention I don't have phone to use for over 3 months, T-mobile just completely forgot such thing for a customer. Please if someone can help, that would be great.

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