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    So I usually pay my bill on the 1st of every month and this month I paid the 1st and now they send me a second bill due on the 25th.

    Why am I getting 2 bills in one month?

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Billing help

        Perhaps you have been billed twice because you are twice as cool as the rest of us .


        You have stated you are beginning to receive two (2) bills, but none of us on this forum (including the tmobile forum reps) can see what is written on these bills. So you will have to enlighten us as to what you are being billed for.


        Does the phone line numbers match any of the numbers you own?

        Does this bill have your name on it?

        How much is the bill?

        Have you recently made due date adjustments on your account?

        Do you have the bills sent individually to your home inorder to encourage your kids to be more responsible at paying their own bills?


        Based on the answers you provide, others on this forum can assist you further to get to the root of this mystery. Or you can contact a T-Mobile Customer Representative by dialling 611 from your T-Mobile Line to get expert help.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Billing help

          Welcome, magenta1517433! This is a great question, thank you for asking... I am sure it would come as a shock to many of us to receive two bills in one month! Typically, you'd receive two bills like this if your billing due date was changing for some reason. In order to change the due date, we also shift the cycle start and close dates -- did you recently request a new due date? Are you a government employee who's recently provided their information to receive a monthly discount (bill close and due dates change to match all discounted accounts when we verify and accept these applications)? Have you made any other account changes in the past month? barcodeable is correct -- we can't take a look at your bills ourselves... but we're happy to help all the same!


          - Marissa

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Billing help

            Hey again, magenta1517433! Just checking in. How are things going with your bill? Were you able to get to the bottom of this?


            - Marissa