Help! Locked iphone 7 in brazil.


    Hi, my name is gabriel and I live in Brazil. In late 2016 I made a trip to NY and bought an iphone 7 in a generic store in Times Square. At the time of purchase I certified with the seller that the device was unlocked and would work in Brazil; the seller confirmed me and said that everything was okay. When I returned from the trip and went to test the device in Brazil I had the nasty surprise that the device was blocked by Tmobile. I got in touch with Tmobile and they told me that I could not unlock because I had at least one account. Please help me. Otherwise, I will not be able to use my cell phone and I will lose 700 dollars. Thank you very much.

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      • Unlock your mobile wireless device


        That link describes the requirements to unlock.

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          Re: Help! Locked iphone 7 in brazil.

          Hi, Gabriel. I'm so sorry to read about this experience -- as someone who loves visiting NYC, it stinks to know that your trip there had a $700 price tag. Our unlock process requires the current or former customer who used the device reach out to complete the unlock request. This is because we have account standing and usage requirements for equipment unlocks that require us to look up a person's account for review; and legally we can only enter an account with the holder's permission. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If you can remember the name of the store, or still have a receipt with their information, it may be worth trying to contact them to discuss the matter. Perhaps the person who sold it to you used it originally and could contact T-Mobile to request the unlock? I know it seems like a stretch even as I'm typing it, but maybe that long shot will pan out!


          - Marissa