S5 Battery Drain significantly increased after update this spring


    Since the late March update both my Galaxy S5 and my wife's Galaxy S5's battery consumption has increased significantly.  I used to be able to get 2 full days easily on a single charge with wireless, location services, and Bluetooth all left on all the time, which is the way I like to roll. Bluetooth battery usage seems to have gotten particularly more greedy.


    Now with Bluetooth and Location turned off all of the time, I am often down in the 30-40% range after 18 or 20 hours.  We've been using these over a year and have never seen anything like this.

    The date stamp on the kernel is March 25,2017


    Currently on build MMB29M.G900TUV1GQC

    At first we assumed it was time to change batteries.


    I have tried new batteries.  I have tried a factory reset (always a real pain).  And as I mentioned, I have turned Bluetooth off other than the 40 minutes a day I use it..


    This is very frustrating.  One of the main reasons I liked the phone was it's long battery life to aid in worry-free travel (not constantly having to think about my next charge).


    Has anyone else experienced this?


    Are Samsung/T-Mobile aware?  Are they planning on doing anything about it?  What tweaks have people made?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Ouch, sorry this is such a pain philmon64.


        Have you tried using the phones without any 3rd party apps?  If you have any battery saving apps, I'd start with those. Are you using the charger that came with the phones, or an aftermarket one? There should also be a way to check the battery usage to see if there's a specific app or apps that are causing it to drain. Please keep us posted on this. We wanna do everything we can to help. Thanks!

        • philmon64

          Well, yes, of course I do use 3rd party applications, that's the fun of Android.  I do not use battery saver apps, as I learned a long time ago they are a waste.  They don't work, and they get in your face all the time.



          I use a Samsung wireless charging pad with a wireless card most of the time and this has worked fine for well over a year.  Plus, let's remember I got a new battery as part of my trouble-shooting ... so this would not have been affected by a long period of using something other than the quick-charger.  The problem did not go away.


          As I mentioned I have always left Bluetooth, location, and wireless on all the time and battery life was still 2 days with room to spare.  Not anymore, even turning them off.



          I have been watching which apps are using battery.  They are apps that I have been using for years with no problems.  The three I use the most, probably, are Accuweather, Facebook, and Mediamonkey.  Sometimes it will show that Accuweather has been greedy, sometimes it will show MediaMonkey has been greedy. I have also noticed that Bluetooth seems greedier since the update.  None of this used to be an issue.  I didn't have to clear recent apps or anything.



          It is almost as if the new OS update is not as good at managing background applications power usage.  Right now Accuweather appears to be the main culprit (this morning).  It has never been an issue before the OS update.  The battery meter says Accuweather has used "11%", whatever that means.  We're down to 64% from 94% this morning in 5.5 hours, and the numbers shown do not add up to 30%.



          I have also turned power saving mode on (which I'd never done before) and it still drains like this.


          If there were a way to un-update the phone, I'd do it.  I am a (25 years experienc) sysadmin by trade on some Windows and Linux boxes, so I am familiar with what kinds of things can happen in general with software... a bit frustrating.

          • philmon64

            It MAY be AccuWeather.  Or at least a large part of it.  Maybe it doesn't play well with the new update?  Perhaps MediaMonkey doesn't either.


            2017 bluetooth battery drain after update(s) | Verizon Samsung Galaxy S 5



            (I know, we're not Verizon... but ...)


            I'm uninstalling Accuweather for now.  Hate to do that.  One of my go-to apps.  But ....

              • tmo_mike_c

                I'm big on downloaded apps too so I know all about the fun and joy you get with 3rd party applications. However, you bring up a good point. Sometimes, even apps we've used for a while may not play so nicely with a new update. In that case, you can try checking for updates on the app itself, or uninstalling the app temporarily to see if your phone is able to stay juiced for longer. It kinda sucks having to uninstall apps you really like. (I had to do that with one of my favorite games on my old Nexus ) On the other hand, if it saves your battery's life, I think it's totally worth it. I suggest you test it out for a bit to see if the battery life improves without those apps. Please keep us posted on the results.

                • stevetjr

                  One other suggestion and this is always a good idea after any update and that is to wipe the cache partition.  It seems sometimes the garbage that is left in it after an update can cause some issues.  Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy S 5


                  Second as TMO Mike pointed out sometimes it's not the update but rather the app that is not dealing with the update.  This more common of course on major OS updates like MM to Nougat and etc. but can happen with any if that update affects part of a system the app utilizes and the app developer didn't update the app to work appropriately with whatever Google changed.  As Mike also pointed out a good test of this is removing the suspected app and see over the course of a few days if that resolves it.  I can tell you with my last device (GS7e) after updating it to Nougat had horrible battery issues and turns out it was Facebook Messenger that was causing it because when I removed it battery life was back to near pre update.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Hi, philmon64! I just wanted to touch base and see how you're phone's doing these days... were you able to get results after removing AccuWeather? Did you have a chance to take a look at stevetjr's input as well?


                  - Marissa

                  • philmon64

                    It's been a week, and I'm prepared to say that after removing Accuweather and Media Monkey (both of which have been great up to late March/early April)  ... battery consumption is much more "normal".  I've tried with Bluetooth on and with Bluetooth off, and Bluetooth itself is probably behaving about as well as it did before.


                    I really liked both programs' interfaces ... I've been using both for many years.  I'm hoping at least Accuweather addresses the issue/

                    • philmon64

                      I should add, just for clarity, that I ALSO had to turn on power saving mode, which I hadn't done to this point -- to get back to something close to the battery life I was getting before.  None of these solutions did that on their own.  I don't think Power Saving will restrict me too much in what I do.