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    I pre-ordered a Galaxy S8 through the Samsung website attached to T-mobile.



    I have since left the US and have relocated in South Korea, so I wanted to unlock my phone. I contacted T-mobile several times and every time, they told me that the device is not a registered T-mobile device, so I would have to contact Samsung, the manufacturer, in order to unlock my phone. I contacted Samsung, and they also told me that I would have to contact T-mobile to unlock my phone.



    I am growing more impatient since the service personnel have been avoiding responsibility and bouncing me to different places.



    Can I please get some help? Thank you so much


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      • htghtg

        Re: Unlocking Phone



        If you bought it from T-Mobile there were some stipulations that you needed to fulfill in order to have a device unlocked. You can view them on the Unlock your mobile wireless device page. When you fulfill the requirements you should be able to get the device unlocked, though this process can take some time.


        Let me know if you have any questions/comments





          • magenta1505599

            Re: Unlocking Phone

            Hi, I have a similar problem. I bought 1 iphone in Ebay and come like T-mobile unlocked. I live in Brazil and here is a different contract (VIVO). When I take off the chip from T-Mobile and put the VIVO chip, appear a message to enter in contact with Apple. I did this, but they ask me to enter in contact with you. I would like to know how I unblocked this device to use here in Brazil. To send a message to you I need a number from USA but I don´t have one. Can you help me?

          • magenta2141985

            Re: Unlocking Phone

            Hi to all,


            I have exactly the same problem, TMobile said the phone is not registered in  the system, but I still using my phone with TMobile this is "BS", TMobile is forcing the people to buy directly from the stores and they no want to HONOR the phones that has been purchased directly from Samsung, TMobile will loose a lost of customers if they violate the law, phones that are out of contract and has been already pay off should be unlocked under customer request