LG Aristos - Contacts fields width


    Is there any way to change the width of the fields (like phone number) so you actually see the whole content of the field?

    In my case, can't see the 10 digits of a phone number, either in portrait or landscape mode.




    Is there any way to add a custom ID name to a phone number? (I only have few options: Mobile, Work, Home, Main, Work fax)?


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: LG Aristos - Contacts fields width

        Welcome, fretta243, thanks for posting! I can definitely appreciate wanting to make your Contacts easy to read -- the User guide: LG Aristo doesn't offer a way to change the width of the field for the phone number, I wonder if maybe changing the default font size to something smaller would help? To test this out, you'd just go to Settings > Display > Font size. If this isn't beneficial, you can follow the same menu path to switch the font size back. You can also get there with Settings > General > Accessibility > Vision > Font Size. Another settings tweak that you might explore would be Settings > Display > More > Display Size (with a similar path to the alternate option in the Accessibility menu); although typically this is a setting option used to make things larger, it's worth a shot!


        Regarding your second ask, were you wondering about a way to customize a number field within a single contact? If I'm reading the question right, then I'm sorry to say that I'm not finding anything in the manual that offers a tip for this, but to be honest it doesn't go too far in depth about Contacts creation and modification. I tried walking through it on my own LG (a V10), and in the drop-down next to the PHONE field I have an option at the very bottom that says CUSTOM. When I tap it, it offers a field to type in a custom label name. I know many LG user interfaces are similar; but since they're not the same device, the option might not be there for you -- but I thought I'd put it out there just the same!


        - Marissa

          • fretta243

            Re: LG Aristos - Contacts fields width

            Thank you Marissa for your prompt response but changing the font is not a valid solution to this problem. Even when the phone is landscape oriented the field remains narrow and unable to render the full extent of content. I guess is just a poor interface, something that probably with few lines of codes can be easily solved.


            The option "Custom" that you mentioned is well known by me because that is what I have in my old phone (a Samsung Galaxy Exhibit II) running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. No doubt that missing "Custom" field is an unforgivable regression. Is in reality almost ridiculous because even in the Gmail contacts application you can create such a field name (designated as label).


            I hope T-Mobile is up to the challenge and creates a fix for these very BASIC FEATURES soon. I want to believe that this problem also exist in the non customized version of the LG Android... if not, it is just a shame.