Digits line as standard dialing option


    Don't even know if this is something anyone has thought of, but when using a tap-to-call link either from a Google search, browser, or another app, is there a way to either make the Digits line the default outbound calling number OR having the choice given per call across the board?


    The reason I'm asking is because I work from my phone, I have CRMs like HubSpot which I use for certain projects. If I'm making a call from HubSpot, for example, it auto dials the call and defaults to my main TMO line, not my Digits line. This is not ideal as I'm planning on using the Digits line for work and my main line for personal life.


    Is there a setting somewhere that I might be missing that would tell the phone dialer to ask every time before making a call or is that only when dialing from the default contacts app? Or a way to make the outbound default to my Digits line except where I've already set it to use the personal line?


    Thanks gang!


    PS - If it's not currently possible, pass it on to the powers that be as a suggestion. I know that's going to be something where mobile professionals will see a need especially with the various business apps.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Digits line as standard dialing option

        Hey, willf! So the bad news/good news here is that you're not missing anything; right now there's not a way to do this because your OS doesn't know that DIGITS exists (with the exception of Samsung equipment, which should be aware on some level that multi-line settings are an option since they're built-in... but this nuance isn't something I'm aware of even with that set-up, though maybe *I'm* missing something). I can definitely see the value of this option, though, and I will absolutely pass the feedback along! Thanks for taking the time to outline the user scenario!


        - Marissa

          • willf

            Re: Digits line as standard dialing option

            This is one of those cases that I'm sure is being thought of in a different way, which I understand.


            I'm using a Samsung GS8 right now, and it's working as expected or intended as far as general phone based function.

            If you have multi-line Digits - aka second phone number - grab a Samsung phone and dial one of your contacts for the first time, you'll be given a pop-up asking you which line to use to make that call. You'll also be given the option for "use as default" or "just once".

            So the OS does seem to have that capability, but it only seems to work within Samsung's apps.

            Whether this would be an easy thing to fix or not, I have no idea.


            For non-Samsung Android devices, this should be a lot easier thanks to the Digits app. Just search Google Play for "dialer" and you'll find there's a TON of dialing apps out there that you can simply make your "default" dialer. Whether it's from Asus with ZenUI Dialer & Contacts, or TrueCaller, or Contacts+, or one of a host of others.

            The Digits app for non-Samsung phones can be made to do the same thing - act as a default dialer, and SMS app in our case, with built in settings to deal with Digits accordingly.

            That way it's one app doing all the work and defaults can be made from within the app.

            The same option could be made for the web and downloaded clients.


            Hope this helps with a little more clarity for the powers that be.

            Have a great one!

          • magenta1551631

            Re: Digits line as standard dialing option

            Just want to give this priority since this would be an absolute killer feature for digits. Setting it as a default dialer also means we can initiate calls hands free using OK google! I'll gladly help the android team implement this if they need engineering hrlp.

              • willf

                Re: Digits line as standard dialing option

                The ideal, of course, would be to make this happen in all the native apps just as we see with the Samsung devices. But I'd rather have a dialer/messaging combo app that does this as an option.


                One other thought on this. With the ability to turn off Digits phone numbers as though you're "closed for the day", whether in the phone settings or in the app, having a default number order might be something of worth. If Line 1 is active, use that as default. If Line 1 is inactive, then use Line 2. So on and so forth from there.

                Curious to know thoughts on that. Might be overkill but useful.