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    I would like to know how to file an offical complaint against T-Mobile to allow a chance at a resolution before contacting the Better Business Bureau and the  Federal Trade Commission?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Complaint

        Hey there!


        We'd certainly love to assist. What's going on so we can direct you to the best place?



          • ginabean23

            Re: Complaint

            I need to know who's attention I can get to resolve an ongoing issue that no one at T-Mobile can get correct, I am so frustrated with the run around I have received for the last two months with countless phone calls to customer service and billing and now a collection agency which has thrown me over the edge.  The CEO of T-Mobile needs to hear about the bad practices of commission and how T-Mobile employees will steal a plan that has already been started by lying to gain the commission for themselves and has left me with two T-Mobile accounts! One account which was the first account I began with Adam and was never properly activated because I never received the SIMS cards due to waiting for the release of our phones from the previous provider. When our phones were finally released, I stopped in at another store with my daughter due to convenience being that my daughter is away at college and this location was where she was living.  I told the T-Mobile rep (Herve) I had an account already in progress started by Adam and need to complete the transaction.  I was told they couldn't do that and had to cancel the account and give me a new account.

            Here's where the problem and deceit started, the original account was set up in my name and my social security number, but I was told this account needed to be canceled and a new account needed to be set up which could be done in my daughter's name since my social security number was linked to the account Adam had started.  Keep in mind I never received the SIM cards from Adam so I am not sure how this account was even activated when T-mobile services weren’t being used because our phones still had SIMS cards from our previous provider.  I was lead to believe by Herve, the T-Mobile sales rep, that he was doing me a big favor, considering my daughter didn't have any identification or social security card, Herve set up a new account for us in her name anyway. 

            Now, I have two active accounts, one I a paying for in my daughter's name and one that was supposed to be canceled!!!!  I have talked to so many T-Mobile reps and was first told this was a False Turn account and through these many calls I was promised the account in my name would be canceled which apparently it still active because I received yet another bill in the mail yesterday!!!! What really angered me was getting a call from a collection agency on a Saturday morning and let me be clear my credit score is the highest you can get and someone will be held accountable if my credit score is damaged in any way!

            I even went into a T-Mobile store with all my paper work and documentation and spoke to a manager on 5/1/17 who told me how the sales reps went against company policy.  They documented everything in the computer and even let me read all the comments to assure me my account would be canceled and the collection agency withdrawn.  I asked for a copy of the comments in the store and they wouldn't give it to me although it is my account and my credit be affected due to the inability to correct this problem!!!

            So I am looking at yet another bill of an account that is to be canceled and it clearly states on the bill the lines have been canceled and there is a credit for the $210 which was sent to the collection agency (I just hope the collection agency notification was pulled however I doubt it) but there is yet another bill associated with this account!!!!  I spoke with Andre in Retention, Jessie in customer service, Ty in Retention and in person with a Manager at your store located at 5530 Windward Parkway, Alpharetta, Ga.



              • stevetjr

                Re: Complaint

                ginabean23  First off this is a user supported forum and while there are some TMO reps on the site that help and moderate it they and obviously us "users" don't have account access.  I would agree and I am sure you would that in any large business you are going to have a few bad apples that either intentionally or just don't know any better do stuff like what has happened to you.


                First rather than calling again I would recommend contacting T-Force on Facebook or Twitter.  They have a really good reputation for resolving the more complicated/difficult issues versus the standard customer service reps.  Contact Us   They use the direct messaging feature and while it seems odd to use social media, trust me it works slick as I have used it.


                If you don't feel you want to try that path first or if you don't get the resolution you are looking for the CEO of T-Mobile is very open and on many occasions shares his email which is  and trust me again from experience he sees them and if he doesn't he will have someone from his executive staff contact you.  I would honestly try T-Force first, again they have a pretty good reputation for getting stuff fixed.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: Complaint

                  Hi, ginabean23. This is incredibly frustrating to read -- I can't imagine how frustrating it's been to experience, but you have every right to feel the way you do.
                  stevetjr is correct, we don't have account access in this forum; but we absolutely want you to get assistance to ensure this matter's been resolved. I can speak to some general concerns you have outlined here, though! Regarding billing, you'll receive what are called "revised final bills" along the same timeline for the account's close date until the balance due and credits issued have completely settled and the account is zeroed out. That way, you've got a record to show that there is nothing owed on your end (and from the description that you provided here, it definitely sounds like you should not owe a penny).

                  To review the account fully and ensure that this is being handled, we definitely need a team who can look into it to help. Did you have a chance to contact T-Force as was recommended above? I also want to make sure that we're providing feedback not just regarding the incorrect information you were given about canceling your account and creating a new one, but regarding the practice of activating an account without proper identification -- these are both serious issues. Is this feedback you'd had a chance to provide to one of the Care teams you spoke with previously?


                  - Marissa