Duplicate texts with Galaxy S8 and Gear S2 watch


    I have a Galaxy Gear S2 and a Galaxy S8 phone. 

    Whenever I send texts from my Galaxy Gear, it shows up twice on the Galaxy S8.  The recipient gets the message once.  But it's displaying twice on the phone's stock message app.


    I also have the voicemail to text feature.  When I receive a voicemail message, I receive two identical text messages with the voicemail content. 


    I am signed up for T Mobile Digits and I'm not sure if that is causing the issue. 




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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, harryflyer1! I can't imagine a reason you'd need to get these notifications twice. Can I ask a little bit about your forwarding set-up? Can you take a look at this thread and let me know if anything in the initial post about the set-up jumps out at you as far as the description of the recommended standalone set up: Please read:  Duplicate SIM issues megathread? If you've already got things set up this way, or if you give that a shot and are still seeing the issue, then I believe we'd like to get a bug report filed for you if one hasn't been completed already (not sure if you'd had the opportunity to reach out to the dedicated DIGITS team over the phone yet). Please let me know how you're doing, and thanks for the post!


        - Marissa

          • harryflyer1

            Hi Marissa.

            I don't currently have my Gear S2 set up with it's SIM tied to Digits.  It's just set up with bluetooth to my Galaxy S8.

            I did speak to someone at TMobile over the phone who escalated it on 12May.  Someone was supposed to call me back by 15May but I haven't received a call back yet.


            I tested this morning and the Voicemails seem to be generating only 1 text message today which is good.


            However sending a text message from my Gear S2 is still appearing twice on the Messages app on the Galaxy S8.  Also sending a text from Digits on the web is generating duplicate appearances on the Galaxy S8.



              • tmo_marissa

                Hrmmm, sorry for misunderstanding the DIGITS reference! I automatically assumed you'd paired the watch for DIGITS use. It's a bummer that there hasn't been any follow-up on the ticket; when we set an appointment to call you back with a status update, keeping that appointment is paramount to keeping your trust in us.


                I'm glad to hear that the VM to text issue seems to have improved, but without DIGITS being an issue I am at a loss for other reasons this could be happening. Did this start when you signed up for DIGITS, or can you pinpoint another change that might have been a catalyst for these duplicates? If you've got the opportunity to do a little messaging with one of our teams with account access, could you give our T-Force crew a shout via FB PM or Twitter DM so that we can take a peek at the ticket for you and see if there's been any response from our engineering team?


                - Marissa