Building my own tower?


    My situation is that I reside in a rural area, had tmo many years ago but no signal here, switched to the V, and have had them for years now, only the signal is getting progressively worse, as is their customer service, and their concern for their customers, at the moment still have them to receive calls but have already started a new account back with tmobile after having been advised that they took over new towers in my area, well that didnt pan out and I get that the sales people are their to sell phones, service, etc, however I am bound and determined to make the cut from V for good and with a few choice words.

    So, I might get 1 to 2 bars of service in about 3 spaces in my home about 1 square foot in diameter, i mean its bad, and thats at -116 dbm. I have several towers located about six miles from me but i believe that the tree line is just blocking too much for me to get a constant or decent signal, I have been through two cell spots, the personal cell tower deals, not the wifi routers, but one of those is next in order to be able to cut V for the time being. My plan is to use a Yagi directional antenna erected on a post about 30 ft high and connected to my home for stability. im hoping to be able to pull in that tmo signal in stronger than what a phone is capable of doing. I want to run a cable from the antenna to an amplifier inside my home where i can transmit that new stronger signal. Talked to tmo tech and they informed me that im looking for the 1900 and 2100 mhz bandwidth.  What im looking for here is anyone who has possibly already done this and who can possibly share what type of antenna they used and the results as well as amplifiers. I am having a hard time finding a directional that covers those bandwidths and would like to know if i should be looking to cover both bands or if i can just concentrate on one? Im also looking for a lamens terms way to understand center frequency and how to calculate the gain into that. Any suggestions at all will be appreciated. Ill keep posted as to progress and success or lack there of. Thanks in advance!

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