Icons appeared on home screen


    About a week ago three icons (?? lack of better description) appeared on my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone.  I do not know how.

    They are (1) circle with line at 12 o'clock position with lettering STB underneath (2) the phone icon (3) three horizontal lines that when you access has all these widgets.  Why, how did they appear?  What is their purpose?  How do I permanently delete as everytime I clear the home screen of notifications, they reappear later.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Icons appeared on home screen

        Welcome, elrolsing! Thanks for posting. It's always a little strange when icons show up on your device that you weren't expecting! Were you able to figure out any of the functions associated with these icons yet? Where on your phone are you seeing them -- in the upper right, or on your home screen? Are they on a pull down tab for quick settings, or are they always there?


        If we could see what you're seeing, we might have a little bit more insight, but still I want to do my best to make some educated guesses about the icons and what they could be. Does the first icon you described look something like this?

        If so, that's the common symbol for power, and in my experience, STB usually refers to a "set top box". Did you recently download any apps from your cable provider? Is it possible that this is your phone's icon to function as a remote control for a TV or cable box?


        According to the User manual: Samsung Galaxy S 5, the second icon, the phone icon, would either be the icon you press to make a call (to access your phone's dialer function). But if you're seeing it at the top of the screen, then it could mean something a little different -- maybe that your device is connected to WiFi calling, or that the speakerphone function is on... is it possible that either of these settings are the culprit?


        Lastly, the third icon you're describing sounds like a menu icon. Does it look like this?

        What kind of widget options do you see when you tap it? It sounds like it might be a quick settings menu toggle?


        Sorry for all of the guesswork here, but we'd love to know a little more about where these icons are located -- a screenshot would be fantastic if you're able to reply with one! Playing icon detective isn't quite as exciting as a rousing game of Clue, but we can make the best of it!


        - Marissa

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Icons appeared on home screen

          Hey, elrolsing!


          Your Galaxy S5 seems to have a mind of its own which is never fun to deal with. tmo_marissa asked a few key questions that would be helpful to have the answers to so we can determine what's going on with your phone. If you're able to take a screenshot of your home screen, please do so and post it here so we know exactly what icons are on the home screen.

            • elrolsing

              Re: Icons appeared on home screen

              The icons that were showing on my phone home screen were automatic updates by Samsung.  With help T-Mobile support, I "disabled" the Icon and re-set to factory. T-Mobile support gave step-by-step instructions how to set up the "update application" so that Samsung has to receive permission before automatically updating applications.


              Further - the Icons that were showing were under "Peel" application and included the STB circle symbol mentioned, the remote tv and the 3 bars that when you clicked on them opened screen for widgets.  But with disabling the peel icon and factory reset, everything is OK now.


              Thanks to T-Mobile