GALAXY S8 - bootloader unlockable - root not possible


    I regret buying this galaxy s8 Which I paid in full at purchase $750 + tax + upgrade fee (from a nexus 6p).  Seriously?  What's the upgrade fee about?  I can't figure a clear correlation to anything costly to switch phones ( and I bought this phone from t-mobile)  but I can get past all that.


    I wish I had known or it was clear that this phone would never be unlockable, never bootloaader unlockable (which is not in the developer options at all)  and root is unlikely.


    But I suppose that is not something you would advertise.  I guess I'm used to having a nexus device.


    Now I'm stuck with this phone or try to return it and pay yet another fee (restocking fee!).


    I'm ylgoing to purchase the international unlocked s8 Which can be bootloader unlocked, is already sim unlocked, and can be rooted.  (It is the same price).


    I have to try to sell this one or try to return and take the loss....  


    Public service announcement. Lol.

    I love you T-Mobile but sometimes you really suck.  I will never purchase a phone from you again.



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