T-Mobile is not really in Alaska



    This is the T-mobile claim of coverage. It is inadequately covered using roaming on your phone by At&T officially, but you will find that GCI takes up most of the slack where AT&T won't work (almost everywhere metropolitan). If you get 3G in any location you are doing great. Sometimes I get LTE  but usually E or 3G and one to three bars of connection in ANCHORAGE (the largest city in Alaska)!


    I'm locked in with iPhones that I owe for and five lines (three are family in Oregon where I picked up T-Mobile, (They don't have any T-Mobile stores up in Alaska at all - even though they advertise T-Mobile on the TV all of the time), and two lines here in Alaska for my wife and I. We pay for our phones (about $30 a month), and then the lines and data, so we pay $333 for service monthly (not great for what we get).Capture.PNG

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      • dragon1562

        Re: T-Mobile is not really in Alaska

        All the major carriers actually roam for a good chunk of their coverage in Alaska. The sad truth is that its just not worth the investment to add serious coverage up there due to harsh conditions and limited population. Its just something you will have to put up with for now until T-mobile gets the funds necessarily to deploy their own native coverage up there. Which will be probably a good year from now at best. T-mobile is going to be revamping their whole network again as soon as they get the rights to deploy the new 600mhz spectrum they acquired and that is when you can expect to see native coverage.

          • magenta1446296

            Re: T-Mobile is not really in Alaska

            There was 301,010 people in Anchorage Alaska alone. There are 738,432 people

            in Alaska. As opposed to 586,107 in Wyoming, or 672,228 in Washington DC.

            Strangely, or how you put it the "sad truth" is that neither of these

            states have to rely on another carrier as they both have T-mobile. Your

            point is moot.

              • dragon1562

                Re: T-Mobile is not really in Alaska

                My point is not moot since the comparison is not a 1 to 1. You have to remember that the cost associated with building out their network in Alaska is exponentially more expensive then rolling out LTE in a place like Washington due to the fact that Alaska is missing important infrastructure that would be costly to set up due to the frozen nature of the ground and unpredictable whether variables.

                • pedro_sanchez

                  Re: T-Mobile is not really in Alaska

                  It isn't just population, but density that determines if wireless is profitable. Several dozens of towers can cover the entire population of Washington DC with thousand of customers utilizing each tower. It would take hundreds and hundreds to cover Alaska and there would be days (indeed weeks) when some towers wouldn't serve a single customer. You can't make money like that.

              • magenta1457101

                Re: T-Mobile is not really in Alaska

                TMobile has decent coverage throughout AK with local partner GCI. You will not get LTE or data coverage in a lot of places but voice works for the most part. Sad truth with AK is it is empty for the most part and GCI takes the advantage of it by being almost the sole player. Without governmental subsidy, I don't think that is going to change.

                  • stevetjr

                    Re: T-Mobile is not really in Alaska

                    One would have to think TMO plans on deploying 600Mhz in AK otherwise why buy it.  600 is such a low band that it wouldn't require the tower density had they had to go in there with their standard bands 4 or 2.  I suspect one of the other challenges with data especially is not necessarily the tower but the backhaul from the tower especially anywhere outside of Anchorage or Fairbanks.  I suspect this because GCI probably has a very limited backhaul and probably why they don't allow data roaming even 2G/3G because it just can't handle the load and would impact their own customers.

                  • shaneemkh

                    Re: T-Mobile is not really in Alaska

                    This is incorrect. T-mobile has an agreement with GCI and therefore roams off of GCI. And will always roam off of them before ATT. There have been times were I roamed off ATT in mountain areas. But by fair GCI has the best coverage in Alaska. I had T-mobile when first moving here and switched to ATT thinking it would be better. 6 months later I switched back to T-mobile do to their service being better while roaming off GCI. When you moved to Alaska or visited you should have received an alert saying that you would roam off of GCI due to some sort of agreement they have. Although I first went to Alaska in 2014. And yup there’s no store and all communications with T-mobile will be on the phone, internet or etc.