Is something broken in the forum display, or is the change intentional?


    Back on March 19, I asked that question here, supplying this evidence:


    Previously, when I selected a forum section, for example "Plans" and then selected "Get help from customers like you" I was sent to which showed the messages in a list with column headers "Title" "Author" "Likes" "Bookmarks" "Replies" "Views" and "Latest Activity."


    I was told that the apparent change was due to a glitch introduced by the process of migrating to this shiny new forum layout.


    However, it appears that the info I found useful in the old layout is in fact gone from the new forum layout.


    Again, is something broken, or is it intentional? Or is this an option that can be selected by the users? I liked the old way.

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      • tmo_jonathan

        Hey, rbob! Thanks for reaching out!


        The layout here is the intended overview for Plans & Services Discussions. Though, you can also go here to see an alternate version with a table. The former is a new layout intended to help the majority of users simply read through the list, see what has been answered and has not, and go from there.


        What information do you find helpful in the table layout that is missing? We're always looking for feedback to improve the site!


        Thanks again for your information and feedback, rbob!

          • rbob

            Thanks for the link to the old-style layout. It seems to actually be the same as it used to be, with adding "/content" to the end of the default URL getting me to it, just as before (I think).


            You ask what information I find helpful that's missing, and now that I'm forced to think about it, it's really not the missing info since almost all the info from the old layout is there, although not in quite the same form. The number of views and "likes" is missing, and the exact date and time of the last entry in a topic isn't there, although the length of time since the last entry is there instead.


            It's the cleaner layout of the old way that I was really looking for. The new layout is just a bit too cartoon-y for my tastes. Since it looks like I can get the old layout back in any of the topic areas by merely adding "/content" to the end of the link, my personal issue has been solved.


            I'm a retired software developer, and the user interface was always the item that caused the biggest problems.


            As they say, there's no accounting for taste.

            • rbob

              But wait! There's more!


              There actually is something concrete I can gripe about (I'm so relieved!).


              In this forum section, I see at the top of the page the names of 4 familiar forum sections, Account, Coverage, Devices, and Plans and Services. I expected that selecting one of those would take me to the named forum discussion section. Instead, I'm taken ... somewhere else.


              For example, the real Account discussions section is at but selecting the tag at the top of the page takes me to


              There doesn't seem to be a direct way of going from forum section to section. Not: I said "seem." I'm real good at missing obvious things. Accessing the forum on an iPad makes things significantly harder.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Gotcha! Those links deliver a user to the Support section by that name, instead of to the Discussions section, and then you have to scroll down to the bottom of that page to get to the corresponding Discussions space. I feel like you're right, in this view, there's not a super intuitive way to travel within the Community -- you've kind of got to bounce out to a main space and then click the tile to get back to Discussions. That's great feedback! I know tmo_jonathan will see it here, but I'll add it to our list to discuss as a team as well. Thank you!


                  - Marissa

              • tmo_marissa

                Happy Sunday, rbob! I just wanted to check in with you and make sure you had a chance to read over tmo_jonathan's reply here! We'd love to know a little more about what you liked about the original layout if you've got a few minutes! Thanks for posting, as always.


                - Marissa

                  • rbob

                    Sorry to drop a complaint and then disappear; we've been digging out of housework that piled up while we were on vacation.


                    As I told tmo_jonathan, on reflection, it was really just a matter of personal taste, and preferring what I see as a cleaner layout with the old style.

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Ugh, I know that feeling! I always mean to leave the house clean before we go, but that never happens. At least we're in good company!

                        I did see your response to Jon, thank you! I'm glad that the /content view is a little easier to adjust to; it was for me as well. I appreciate you dropping back in to give the rest of your feedback -- personal preference is totally important, because your preference might be shared by a ton of users! We appreciate your time, good luck with getting the household restored!


                        - Marissa