Note5 after Horrific Nougat 7.0


    Current Device: Samsung Galaxy Note5


    My carrier (T-Mobile) pushed the latest Android 7.0 Nougat (developed by Samsung) out about 10 days ago and my Note5 has been horrifically unreliable ever since. My huge issue that needs to be addressed immediately is making and receiving calls. Randomly and often, the phone will refuse to dial out and receive calls. I have to put it in “Airplane mode” to reset the issue when I notice it happening, but it is only a temporary fix. It will continue to malfunction in as little as one hour, and I won’t even catch it unless I attempt to make a call or, I receive a text message from a contact saying my phone is going straight to voicemail.


    Actions recommended to take by T-Mobile and Samsung: (completed)

    *Airplane mode*Restart phone*Safe mode*Wipe cache partition*Factory Reset *New SIM card


    Samsung confirmed that it appears to be a software issue with the new Nougat 7.0 and even the representative confirmed that her Note5 was experiencing the same exact issue.

    Samsung referred me to Best Buy as they have “Samsung Experience Consultants” in house. They assured me that I could downgrade my Note5 back to “Marshmallow 6.0” and they could load it to my phone in house via hard wired computer (as they could not “push” it over the air). I showed up to the Best Buy location they recommended only to find that they only work weekends, and traveled to a further store to finally find a Samsung Rep working. I informed him of the issue and simply stated, “Yeah, I can’t do that, I only have Nougat 7.0 for failed over the air downloads.” He quickly dismissed me stating there was really nobody he could call for any other options. So, why did Samsung give me the run around?

    I then called T-Mobile and updated them with the scenario. We confirm that everything suggested/discussed has been completed in the attempt to fix the issue with no resolution. I’ve done my part. This is ultimately Samsung’s error but I don’t pay Samsung. They pushed an update that was FAR from ready, to my carrier, T-Mobile. I am a T-Mobile customer and have been for nearly 8 years. I bought Samsung’s device from T-Mobile, my service is through T-Mobile, and the update received from Samsung was pushed to me through T-Mobile. Therefore, I expect T-Mobile to correct the issue one way or another, and speak to Samsung to sort out a solution for me as their customer. T-Mobile offered $160 trade-in value for my Note5, plus an additional $131 to cover the balance owed on the device ($291), so I could purchase the Galaxy S8+ for $850. So let me get this straight… If I expect to resume the reliable service that I pay for, I am forced to purchase a new $850 phone that I don’t even want/need?! Oh and if I were to accept that trade-in offer, I would have literally paid $400 to rent my Note5 this past year.

    So again, I contact Samsung as ultimately, it IS their issue. After updating them with the details, and even confirming that the issue appears to be the Nougat 7.0, the representative still insisted that I send my phone in so a technician can look at it. I guess being a LOYAL Samsung customer for over 10 years holds little weight.

    Oh and let me add, T-Mobile stated that my manufacturer warranty was expired by 10 days and Samsung stated that I am DAYS away from my manufacturer warranty expiring.

    So here I am through no fault of my own, missing work calls, hurting my contract relations, and losing valuable income with no resolution to my issue, because these corporations have no problem accepting my currency in exchange for a service, whether it is delivered or not. Does it work the same way if I don’t pay my bill?

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