Any body feels get in a scam of the Jump on Demand?


    TMobile is such a big liar. Back to 2015 I decided to buy a new LG V10. I was insisted to pay in full price to get this phone which was $599.99. The sales man told me my credit score was in A rank. He could provide me a financial plan which can be paid back in 18 months. I declared 3 times I can pay it in full right now. He said is free offer why don't you take that. Then I was convinced by him. Today, I received my bill which suddenly increased $150 than the usual. I called to CS they said I was signed a leasing contract not a financial purchasing plan. I have to buy this phone paying extra $150 or turn it in to a store. WTF is this. The price now is much more expensive than the time I could purchase it in full price. Since I signed the contract I think there's no way for me for argue with this stupid payment. I just want to alert all the other users of Tmobile don't trust their so call financial plan. It's absolutely a scam.

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        Re: Any body feels get in a scam of the Jump on Demand?

        it breaks it up into 24 months, and you pay for only 18 months.  At that point you can jump or you can pay out the final 6 months.  Exactly how much were you paying per month?

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          that's what JoD is and broken down.

          • tmo_chris

            Hey pkl06,


            I am truly sorry for any confusion or headaches you have had to endure because of this upgrade. Getting a new phone should be an exciting experience, not one that you should have to regret later on  Before Jump on demand, we only had an option for a customer to buy the phone in full or pay it off in 24 monthly payments.


            Jump On Demand is how tidbits described. You pay monthly for the phone for 18 months then either pay the rest of (the remaining 6 installments) and keep the phone. Jump On Demand offers more flexibility in upgrading as you do not have to pay the sales tax on the total cost of the phone upfront (its billed as part of your monthly payments) and it lets you upgrade your phone 3 times a calendar year.


            The total cost of the phone comes out to the exact same price no matter which option you choose be it FRP, 24 month installment plan, or Jump On Demand. The only difference is the upgrade options you can take advantage of being on JUMP or JOD.


            I understand you wanted to just buy the phone outright when you first went to purchase it and was convinced to purchase the phone a different way and for that I sincerely apologize. I just want to make sure you know that we are not trying to scam you in any way and the options you are presented with at the store are truly meant to provide you with a better experience.

            • magenta3226988

              JOD might have been a good deal before, but with iPhoneX you have to pay to upgrade (unless you've been with Tmobile for over 3 years).