Nougat update PROBLEMS


    After installing this horrible update, it's bad from the design up, I started having random re-boots and mainly, one of the microphones in my phone started acting up recording crackling/static sounds in my videos.  I contacted TMobile, they had me take it to Best Buy for a re-flash of the update as apparently it doesn't completely go through at times.  I went to best buy only to have them tell me I have to call Samsung because they don't support my Note 5.  I called Tmobile back, they conferenced me with Samsung who pretty much said I don't have a warranty any longer, I have to do all this troubleshooting including factory re-setting my phone before I decide to send it in which I will have to pay for.


    I stressed the fact that I've done nothing to the phone, it was their software who damaged it and caused it to have the issues.  They said it's an Android issue that they just push the updates out to customers but they don't make/create the updates so there's no one at fault here from what they said and if your phone crashes, you're on your own and may have to buy a new one.  T mobile did say the would replace it had I had insurance which I don't because I take care of my stuff so I couldn't do it that way which I probably wouldn't have done anyway because again, I have a problem with someone telling me they messed up my device now I have to pay to replace or fix it?  How is this fair at all?  I'm going to live with it for now but hopefully they'll push a new update which will be complete and fix these issues.  I pray they do and QUICK!    


    Not very happy right now

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Nougat update PROBLEMS

        When you went to Best Buy was it one that had a Samsung Experience center?  A normal BB employee or store indeed wouldn't support your Note 5 because they only sell for the other 3 not for TMO.  The Best Buy's that have the Samsung Experience in them those employee's in the Samsung Experience area wear Samsung shirts and don't work for BB but for Samsung.  The one in my local store has helped TMO customers before.  If it was, next time you are near a different BB try again and even ask who you get if they are BB employee or one of the Samsung reps. Sometimes when the reps aren't their BB employees will float around that area.


        There is also an emergency firmware recovery in Samsung Smart Switch which essentially re does the OS software. You could of course try that and then just make sure to wipe the cache partition when you do it.  Actually if you haven't done that yet I would even try that first. Wipe cache partition: Samsung Galaxy Note5

          • pabloant

            Re: Nougat update PROBLEMS

            Hello, when I went to best buy it was a Samsung counter and a Samsung

            representative who helped me.  I downloaded Smart Switch but didn't see an

            option to run any emergency firmware recovery so I uninstalled it again..

            The cace wiping was done by my tmobile rep when I first called in.  I'd

            love to try the Smart Switch if you can elaborate on how to go about doing


          • cstylz

            Re: Nougat update PROBLEMS

            really sorry for your troubles. i am going through some troubles of my own. have you tried a hard reset? if you havent i highly suggest you try it. it helped alleviate most of my problems.


            SAMSUNG Galaxy Note5 - How to Hard Reset my phone -

            • magenta4284878

              Re: Nougat update PROBLEMS

              The nougat update is simply a disaster. I went to Bestbuy and made an appointment at The Geek Squad after being directed to do that by Samsung. When I got there they told me they do not do this even though I had a ticket number from Samsung and that the Samsung representative wood do this. What he did do which was helpful was to go ahead and take me back one operating system from nougat. However in order to do this I had to reset my Galaxy 8 plus to factory settings. I have been intelligent enough before going there to transfer all my data from that phone to another Galaxy S that I had. Phone is about 98% back to its normal operating mode, but video teleconferencing and a few other apps don't work perfectly anymore. I did put a complaint into T-Mobile that somebody should actually be checking out the updates before they release them. This was a big pain and took about 4 hours of my time and continues to take time getting out the remaining little bugs that are there.