Online payments for post-paid accounts (not pre-paid)


    I have two accounts, one is a post-paid and another is a pre-paid. If I want to refill my pre-paid account, everything works fine, with either google chrome, mozilla and IE. When it comes, instead, to pay my monthly bill, it does not matter what browser I am using, or computer or credit card, the response is always the same: "Your payment did not go through, please try again later". And the most frustrating thing is that it has been happening since October 2013.  When I call the bank to check whether an attempt to make an authorization is coming through, their response is negative. Despite numerous notifications to T-Mobile customer service or even getting a manager at the store involved, so far no solutions seem on the horizon.

    I am very sad: I am seriously considering getting the CEO involved and see whether he can have a team of people to solve. If that doesn't work, then I guess my last option is to close permanently both accounts and switch to another provider.

    Can anyone help? Thanks.

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      • tmo_chris

        My goodness! We definitely do not want to lose you over this! This is something that we can definitely fix and it is something that needs to be reported to our help desk as it is an issue with the web and your specific account. Sadly, we do not have access to accounts here on a user forum so I would suggest that you Contact Us again and let the person you speak with know that they will need to open a "Help Desk" ticket for this specific issue.