Incoming callers to my primary line do not hear ringing when I'm signed into Digits on another device


    I am using my primary T-Mobile number on multiple devices, through both the Digits app and duplicate SIMs. Whenever I sign onto Digits (for example, using the Windows app or just in my Chrome browser), and someone calls my number, they do not hear any ringing -- just silence. My phone rings, along with wherever I am signed in, and I am able to answer, but the callers do not hear any ringing.


    This has caused me to miss some calls when the caller hangs up early, thinking the call is not going through.


    When I sign out of the Digits apps on other devices, so that I am currently only connected via my primary SIM card in my primary phone, the caller will hear ringing like normal.


    I am able to reliably reproduce this issue.

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