iPhone 7 Plus drops to 4G when on a call


    Hello T-Mobile Experts,


    I am a new T-Mobile user, starting yesterday. I have come from the overpriced Verizon wonderland with my unlocked iPhone 7 Plus.


    I noticed something right off the batt when I started using my phone. The LTE network is strong 5 bars at my home, however, every time I make a phone call, the device connects to 4G instead and keeps it till the call is over. ( Although irrelevent, I also noticed the same behavior on the new Galaxy S8. Is this normal? ).


    Verizon iPhone model is the equivalent of the unlocked version and supports all bands in the USA (?, Correct me if I am wrong).


    How can I keep my LTE even when I am on a call? The only reason I am trying to do so, is for my faster data speeds and lower latency.


    Please help.

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      • stevetjr

        Re: iPhone 7 Plus drops to 4G when on a call

        If you brought the iPhone over from Verizon it may have VoLTE disabled.  I would go to your call setting and see if you have the option to turn it back on, if not Verizon may have had Apple remove the menu altogether.   It's dropping down to 4G because it is able to do VoLTE, once off your call after a bit it should roll back up to LTE.

          • sharmelan

            Re: iPhone 7 Plus drops to 4G when on a call

            Thank you for the much needed response.


            On the Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options  > Enable LTE > "Voice and Data"

            Data roaming is ON as well.


            On the Settings > Phone > WiFi calling is OFF.

            Other than this, I do not see what else can I manipulate to hold on to LTE to make calls. It can be as you said, Verizon buried a special setting !


            Fun fact, my Galaxy S8 and S8+ are doing the very same. This cannot be a coincidence right? I called 611 and talked to someone, and they were able to confirm that their Galaxy S8 is holding on to LTE even during a call.


            So that makes me question, is this an area thing? I made sure that I have Native T-Mobile coverage and not roaming. The rep also mentioned the fact that I have about 5 tower sites surrounding me and my full 5 bar of LTE proves that. It can be a technical issue in the way that towers handle the call? I couldn't tell. I will take my phone for a drive later on and see how it behaves outside of my home area.