How can I get out with no charge, contact a ceo or someone


    8/8/2016 the nightmare of T-mobile began, I will summarize it but the moral of it all is I want OUT without any leftover charges.  8/8 my wife and I went into the store to upgrade phones, also got a "free" tablet that would only cost 10$ a month; 3 months later my wife directs the bill to find out why its so high. We were paying installments for the tablet as well, so she called they said that there was no promotion the charges are valid. she then went into the store and explained the issue they said there was indeed a promotion they would take what I have paid off the bill but it may take a few billing cycles. THEN instead of taking it OFF they ADDED it to my bill so I owed an arm and a leg. Finally it get taken off, my wife upgrades her phone they shut off my phone instead so now I have no phone until my wife gets home with a new SIM card. At the time it wasn't a big deal now when it all adds up its a pain. Then we want to upgrade my phone they tell me they can't do it even tho my wife just did and we got our phones at the same time. We then went into a different store which they did exactly what we needed.

           So in order for me to upgrade I had to pay amount to make my phone eligible for JUMP. so that I did, then got my phone because I was eligible and such. so we now get our bill and they tell us that they took the money that I PAID for the PHONE BALANCE and used it for an UNPAID BILL.

              First they are the first to shut your phone off the second its past the past due amount, and second HOW CAN YOU JUST TAKE MY MONEY AND PUT IT WHERE YOU WANT??

    And how would I be eligible for the jump if it wasn't paid.


    My wife has been on the phone at least 10 times in last 4 months with these people, all she wanted in the end was to get the HECK OUT of Tmobile. there has to be a way!!!!!! HELPPP

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey magenta1443206,


        We don't want to see you leave! It definitely sounds like there is quite a bit going on with your account and I can't apologize enough that you had your service interrupted What needs to happen here is we need to have someone take a good look at your account from the time this all started up to now and connect all the dots to see what happened and what needs to be done to remedy this. Here on a user driven form, we do not access customer accounts so we will not be able to see what is going on. What I will recommend is that either you our your wife reach out to our social media care team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature so that you can work with a specialist that can take a holistic look at your account and find out what happened. I have high hopes that T-Force will be able to make sense of all of this and get you squared away!

        • stevetjr

          magenta1443206 First let me say as someone who has been a customer with T-Mobile for 15+ years other than a brief period in 2010 & 2011 when the AT&T merger was pending (before being dropped) what you have gone thru is a bit uncharacteristic.  I would definitely concur with TMO_chris and suggest you contact T-Force on FB or Twitter, they have a great reputation of resolving these kind of issues that seem to just take a life of their own.  From what it sounds like I would guess the tablet like most of their promotions was where you purchase the item on a 24 month EIP at the normal price then they give you an offsetting bill credit to the promotional price.  I have a similar deal with my Gear watch where if I bought the watch during said promotion I would get their wearable plan (call,text & data) for $5 per month.  The plan is actually $15 and that is what is shows on my bill but then there is $10 credit every month that is applied.  They do this obviously to get you committed to them for 2 years since they don't have service contracts anymore and frankly no of the carriers do thanks to T-Mobile.  From what it sounds like you the payments for the tablet were there but apparently no credit for it, although it can be tricky since it can be in a different spot on the bill. So if (which I encourage) contact T-Force keep that in mind when going over everything since last August and hopefully they can 1) get you "right" 2) have if set up the way it is supposed to be going forward.


          As for the mistake with your phone being turned off, that has to be just a mistake and very well a rookie mistake because with T-Mobile when you get a new phone unlike Sprint or Verizon where you have to call and have them do it behind the scenes with T-Mobile all you have to do is take the SIM out of one phone and put it in the new one.  Your "line/number" is not attached to the device like the Sprint/Verizon it is tied to the SIM card so in reality if you wife and you wanted to switch phones all you would have to do is switch SIM cards and bingo.  When she upgraded there was no need to inactivate the SIM card unless it was damaged or the wrong size and even in that case the SIM card number was on it so how they somehow got yours boggles the mind.


          Again suggest letting them have the opportunity to fix it, but if not as I mentioned they don't have service contracts but you would be liable for the balance on the devices.  Two suggestions if you go that path, first pay the devices off and before you port the numbers out, request an unlock.  Second don't port out until the end of your billing cycle as they (and this goes for all carriers) don't prorate. But again having been a customer for 15+ years I can tell you with that one very small exception T-Mobile has always been known for their customer service.