I need to follow a complaint, can anyone help with an email address?


    I'm hoping someone had the same issue as me and was able to get it resolved! All I want is my money or my phone back!


    I’ve spoke to a few T-Mobile representatives in the past 5 months in regards to an i-phone 7 I traded in when I started our services with your company in January. That day I got a credit for $250 and was told that I would get reimbursed for the rest once I received my final bill with the cost of the cell phone. The total that I owed was $761.04 (please see attached bill) the remainder that your company should have paid was $511.04. I spoke to someone early March and they told me I choose the option to get the $150 gift card instead of the rest of the reimbursement. I was in complete shock with the representative because I don’t know anyone that would take only $350 (the $250 credit plus the $150 gift card) for an $800 phone. All I’m asking is to be reimbursed the remainder amount which would be $361.04.

    We decided to leave our previous provider after being with them for more than 15 years and gave your company a try after being recommended by so many of our friends and relatives. I’m starting to regret my decision because this right here does not make sense. I’ve contacted too many people in regards to this issue and no one has been able to help, I don’t want any more apologies because I “choose” the $150 credit instead!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Ouch. I know you're not looking for apologies, magenta1436241, but I have to say this is a total bummer. I know that not all promotions are stackable with Carrier Freedom -- reading over your situation, it sounds like you intended to participate in two promotions that weren't compatible, and the first one paid out and disqualified your line for the other (which would have been unquestionably more beneficial, from the sound of it). Did you ever receive your final bill and submit it on the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom website, or did the timing get in the way here (I know those final bills can take a good while to arrive depending on where you were in your bill cycle when you ported over)?

        I definitely think you have a good point and will forward your feedback -- I don't know anyone who would knowingly accept $350 in lieu of $760. Since the Support Community is a user forum, we're not able to review account particulars here (and there isn't an email address I can offer), but we do want you to get assistance. If you're willing to reach out in another online channel, I absolutely think it's worth giving our T-Force team a shot at working something out -- I sincerely hope we can figure out a way to make this right. You can work with T-Force through DM in Twitter (@tmobilehelp) or PM in Facebook (simply log in and click the Message link below the cover photo on the TMO FB page). Please keep us posted on how it goes!


        - Marissa

          • magenta1436241

            Thank you for your quick response Marissa. I actually did not intend to participate in two promotions, I transferred over a total of 5 lines but I only requested the $150 credit for 4 out of the 5 lines. I have 4 emails for when I did request for the credit but do not recall at all asking for the 5th line to be credited also. The 5th lines which was the i-phone was traded in and was expecting to get the refund once I submitted the final bill. I submitted the final bill to T-Mobile Carrier Freedom and that was the first time they told me that line did no qualify. I then called and they told me the same.