S8 "Server Response Error, Try Again Later"


    Ok, so I got the phone on Monday the 8th. Worked fine the whole time up to this point. All of a sudden today I cannot seem to connect to any app I try. Facebook will not load. Hulu and Netflix cannot connect. FB Messanger takes an extremely long time to connect to network, if it does at all. It's all very spotty, even when I have full signal and I am outside.


    I've never had this problem before with any phone, so I am not sure of the next steps to take. I've restarted the phone multiple times, and even turned the phone off for an extended period of time in the hopes that it would help the software reboot or something. Even the Play Store will not load.


    Any suggestions?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Eek! Three days isn't the ideal shelf life for a brand new S8. Are you still having trouble connecting to your apps? If so, are you able to pull up websites in the browser, or is that giving you trouble as well? Aside from restarting (always a good place to start), have you had a chance to try any other troubleshooting at this point? Lastly, are you having this problem while connected to Wi-Fi, or only on the network, and if it's the latter, is it primarily in one location, or everywhere you go? Sorry for the laundry list of questions, but if you're still having trouble, collecting a few more details can help point us in the right direction!


        - Marissa

          • killerjen231

            Sorry for the delay in replying.


            I am still having trouble. I changed my sim card and it appeared to work for awhile after that, but has since gone back to the same problems, with an additional one to boot!


            Anything that requires data is having issues with loading the page/content. That includes apps, Chrome browser, and anything else that requires data while not on WiFi. While connected to WiFi, it all works fine. This occurs regardless of the location, as long as I am not connected to WiFi I am having problems. I haven't had a chance to try any other troubleshooting, as I am not sure what to try.


            Additionally, I am not noticing that occasionally I will plug my phone in to charge it and instead of increasing the battery percentage it decreases. I will have to unplug my phone for a few minutes before trying to charge it again. This works sometimes, but not always. Even when the phone is turned off it will still stay at the same percentage rather than increase.

          • tmo_amanda

            Happy Friday, killerjen231 !


            I'm just swingin' by to see if you're still getting the error message on your S8. If you are, please take a look at the questions tmo_marissa asked above so we can get a clearer picture of the issue.

            • tmo_marissa

              Greetings! We just wanted to touch base here and see if you've been able to start enjoying this beautiful new phone yet. If you're still having trouble, can you let us know a little bit more about what's happening? We'd love to help if we can!


              - Marissa