4 friends get the same pomotion in Nov and end up need to pay for 2 free phone and 2 free lines


    I called T-mobile in Nov, 2016 for the 2 free line on us promotion together with 2 free LG Stylo 2 phones after 4 of my co-workers got the same promotion with the same plan. I checked my account last week and found that both lines and phones are being charged in last 5 months. I called customer service and request for the credit and fix the issue, the representative told me that the promotion is for T-Mobile one plan only which I told her that is not correct as 4 of my friends got the same promotion. After a long conversation, I finally agree to upgrade to T-Mobile one plan and get the promotion of 2 free lines and 2 free phone honored. After I signed the online agreement a week ago, I checked my online plan and found that my rate plan is changed to Tmobile one but I am continue being billed with 2 additional lines as well as the 2 Stylo phones. I called again to T-Mobile and this time the representative told me that I called too late and they will not honor those promotion. I can not understand why 2 verbal agreement over the phone cannot be honored and I need to paid for something that T-Mobile make mistake from. I ask for Legal department info and the representative refuse to release to me. This made me to wonder if they do this intentionally and the only way to resolve it is through lawyer asking for all phone conversation trail.  

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