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    If I go to Settings/ General/ About phone and click on Status My Phone number shows a number which is different form my T- Mobile Sim number. Why is it so?

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      • gordoguapo

        Re: Phone Number

        Have you were changed your phone number?

        Received this device as an exchange?

        Installed custom software on the phone?


        There are a few reasons that number could be different. If you're having any issues with making/receiving calls or SMS, call into Tech Support and they can send programming information to your phone/SIM to have it corrected.

          • yatin54

            Re: Phone Number

            I had bought this phone from a T- Mobile shop a few years ago. Never had the number that shows on the phone. It can't be changed.

            However, I had ported my number from AT&T to T- mobile and T- Mobile might have sold me an old phone


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          • needle_bites

            Re: Phone Number

            they could have given you a temporary number, if they do, don't worry because that number will eventually be replaced by your original number. If you port-in a number they usually provide temporary number because port-in sometimes takes more than 24 hours or even 2-3 days or more.

            • tmo_mike_c

              Re: Phone Number

              Oh man yatin54 , this same thing happened to me a while back. One thing that's helped other folks in the past is putting the SIM in another phone and making a call. Afterwards, you could put your SIM back in your original phone and see if the number shows up correctly. We may need to have our Tech Care team send you an over the air update to help as a last resort if the number doesn't show up like it should. Please come back and let us know if this was resolved for you. Thanks!

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Phone Number

                Hi there yatin54 !


                Just stopping by to ask, has this been resolved? We really wanna make sure your number show ups the right way. Please give us a holler back and let us know. Thanks!