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    First of all, I'm sorry if this topic has ben covered already, I really just need a quick advice from someone more knowledgeable than me.

    I own unlocked HTC One smartphone and T-Mobile Prepaid ONE plan. I'm traveling to Europe later this month and would like to add to my plan roaming services for the time I'm overseas. I'm really more concern about wifi and data transfer than calling, with FB, What's Up options I will be using to communicate while there. I was just reading about On Demand Data Pass I could add for a time period, however, I don't see this option when I log into my profile. Is this because T-Mobile doesn't promote One plan anymore and doesn't offer it to the new users? All I can see as extra services is Stateside International Mobile with talk. 

    So, how can I add roaming to my basic prepaid plan?

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      • needle_bites

        Re: Roaming in Poland

        unfortunately they don't offer data roaming services for a prepaid account, you can still use your phone for calls or text but no data, your option would be : go to a location with Wifi or since your phone is unlocked, you can buy a prepaid sim in that particular country.

        • dragon1562

          Re: Roaming in Poland

          needle_bites had a great suggestion. If you purchase a prepaid sim card and plan there then you won't have to worry about call, text, and data charges. You could also look into switching to postpaid before you leave, its just a option thats worth considering since you will then get to enjoy unlimited data at "3G" speeds which is good enough for Facebook and such.

          • fightinsquirrel

            Re: Roaming in Poland

            Thank you guys. I shall get a wifi card.

              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Roaming in Poland

                Hey, fightinsquirrel! You can roam internationally with the Pay In Advance T-Mobile ONE plan, though it's best to check the rates and available frequencies for the country you're travelling to first. You can find them here: Prepaid Roaming Rates. I definitely agree with dragon1562 -- the postpaid roaming experience on Simple Global is insanely affordable (many countries are .20/minute for calls with free SMS and data) if you're interested in switching; though if you don't travel often, I can see that it might not be worth the hassle for a short trip! I just wanted to check in with you and make sure you didn't have any other questions we could help out with here - please let us know if you do!


                - Marissa