T-Mobile Digit's on A Samsung Galaxy S8


    I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 , I lost my ability to do multiple line options and settings.


    I relied and used digits all the time on my device. I previously had a S7 and S8 who were working fine but when my phone got lost/damaged , I had to repalce with a new one and new sim card. Spoke to someone who said my sim card needed to be white listed and should be done by 8pm the following day. And to reboot my phone several times to make the options show up. Ive waited 48 hour's and still nothing, when I tried to call customer support for assistance again and mentioned previously what the tech I spoke to had said. they were not familliar or understanding of what digit's was then said I must download the digit's app on my samsung device to use digit's and when I tried to say its not required, they told me they were the expect. Talk about frustrating and upsetting. They are acting like I am a idiot.

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