Unable to get refund or replacement for Recalled Note 7


    I bout my Note 7 from Samsung.com on Aug 3, 2016. I had no problem with the 1st recall my phone was replaced with no problems. I was not so lucky with the second recall, I have lost track of the number of time I've called them. I have been told the return box is on its way, their is a delay due to only having one person in shipping & receiving (anyone else think that's B.S), the CSR couldn't find my phone of account in the system (more B.S) and a claim was filed (never received any correspondence or resolution). I have gotten every excuse in the book. My 5 year old granddaughter is more creative coming up with excuses then Samsung's employees.

    I am so fed up I just want phone that works. I understand thing go wrong and mistake are made but this is totally ridiculous and horrible customer service. Don't they want to keep their loyal customers??? Everything thing in my house from the kitchen appliances, home automation, laundry room and so on if  Samsung. makes it we have bought it.


    Is anyone else having this problem??? I will never buy directly from Samsung again!!!


    I need help getting ahold of upper management (VP or COE) someone with some power that will follow through. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice??

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      • stevetjr

        Have you tried going to a local Best Buy?  I would make sure it has one before you pick one but most have a section called the "Samsung Experience".  Those employees work for Samsung not for Best Buy (Samsung just leases space in the store).  Maybe they have a path that can get your phone moving in the right direction.  I know Samsung doesn't want those phones out which is why they have sent updates out that really cripple them.

          • ehret102

            Yes I have tried Best Buy I went to three different one and there were no help. I thought they were employees of Samsung so I was hoping to get lucky. The was they were talk it seemed like they are employees of Best Buy.

            They issued a Nationwide recall what their doing has to be illegal.

              • stevetjr

                Well if it was one of the Samsung Experience areas and they had a Samsung shirt on they are Samsung employee's.  I know the one in my local store pretty well.  I would look at the FTC's site and see if there are any avenues you can pursue there since they oversee recalls.  Not sure why they are giving you such a hard time, I have had friends with both directly purchased and those purchased from TMO and while most didn't want to actually give up their Note's they didn't have any issues getting replacement devices.  Most went with S7e but a few jumped ship and went to the iPhone (2 are regretting it lol). 


                On Samsung's site (Galaxy Note7 Safety Recall and Exchange Program ) they do have this on the FAQ page, have you tried this rather than having them send you a return envelope?


                10. How do I return my current Galaxy Note7?

                You can choose to receive a prepaid return shipping box sent directly to you; once you receive it, you will need to return your old device within 14 days. Alternatively, you can choose to have a Samsung representative contact you to schedule an appointment to have your old device picked up.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Yikes, ehret102 -- just thinking about a Note 7 still floating around out there makes me nervous, I don't blame you for wanting to get it back to Samsung so you can move on! Have you had any luck with the FAQ link that stevetjr found?


                  - Marissa