No coverage on highways in Millersville,MD


    I travel several times a week on interstate 97. Where 97 and 32 come together around Millersville, MD there is no service at all. The dead zone is only about a mile around this interchange. This is an extremely busy area with traffic jams here during rush hour daily. Any plans to improve service here?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey magenta1424609  and thanks for using our support site.


        Sorry to hear about your service woes, but we do wanna get you the help you need. Just a few questions. What kind of phone are you using? How long has this are been giving you trouble? I'm not showing any reports of issues in this area, but in order to help request improvements, we'll need you to file a service complaint with our Care team. That'll get our engineers to so some research in this area and give us more insight on how this can be handled. Thanks for posting.