I have a Google Pixel that I was using on Google Project Fi. I moved to T-Mobile a week ago and every since I moved, I am having a lot of problems receiving text messages and incoming calls when I am on WiFi.
    I work in an area with extremely poor T-Mobile cell coverage, but I have a good WiFi connection at work.

    I can browse the web and access the internet, but text messages do not come through.

    Phone calls seem extremely hit and miss. Sometimes they work and sometimes they do not.

    My phone shows the WiFi calling icon in the top left.

    I have a couple questions:

    1: Do SMS and MMS texts use wifi over cellular if it is available? Can you select which one it uses?

    2: Is there a way to troubleshoot this other than trying to send a text and seeing if it is received? Are there any logs that can be reviewed on the phone?


    Thank you.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Do texts work over WiFi?

        Hey magenta1425482  and thanks for coming to our support site!


        In theory, messaging over Wi-Fi should work on any capable phone. The tricky part is we can't guarantee it'll, work on Non-T-Mobile devices. There are some steps on our Wi-Fi Calling page including setting up an e911 address but there also should be a setting to enable Wi-Fi calling on the device. Have you already made sure this setting is turned on? Have you tested other Wi-Fi connections to see if they allow to message? Please let us know if this has been resolved or if you still need help.