Last September, we traded in 3 iPhones (2 iPhone 6 and 1 iPhone 5s) to get on the free iPhone 7 promotion. 6 months passed by, there was no rebate showing up. I called customer service and there was no clear answer. Then I followed up multiple times afterwards. Every time, I was told a different reason for the "rebate denial" (they did not use the word denial but there was no clear indication that they will honor it).

    Reasons they used:

    1) The iPhone arrived late in the warehouse (I showed my shipping box receipt that helped stop that).

    2) We claimed a free Samsung phone in addition to the iPhone trade in deal (mhh... we opened 4 lines and the store rep asked us to take advantage of that on top of the Free iPhone trade-in deal).

    3) Lastly,  a rep from the loyalty department said one of the phones did not turn off the "Find My iPhone" feature. The other two iPhones did not match the model number (IMEI) in the system. Seriously? a) all the model numbers were entered by the store rep when he processed our rebates. 2) we were never aware we had to turn off "Find My iPhone". Can't they reset the phone to factory setting?


    I called them today again and the case has been escalated to another department, which means another 3-5 business days wait.


    It has been 9+ months and there was still no credit yet. I honestly don't know why a company will make the rebate process so terrible.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: iPhone 7 Rebate Nightmare

        Hey, magenta1423959 !


        I'm sorry for the headache the iPhone promo has caused. It sounds like all of the details of the rebate weren't discussed prior to your purchase which could have avoided some of this situation. I'm happy to hear that your issue has been escalated. Do you have any update on it by chance? If not, please update us once you receive a reply. We truly want to make sure you get this resolved.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: iPhone 7 Rebate Nightmare

          Hey there! Just wanted to check in to see how things were going. Please keep us updated

          • magenta2055612

            Re: iPhone 7 Rebate Nightmare

            I am in the exact same boat. I traded in 3 iPhone 6's to upgrade to the 7's and only one got processed successfully as a trade in. Their excuses were that couldn't verify receiving one of the phones and the other had water damage. I clearly made sure to ship the phones out in the same box the 7's were shipped in and also verified phones were in excellent condition. T-Mobile has really pissed me off with this entire ordeal.