Digits preventing auto forwarding to Gear S3?


    I have a duplicate line SIM in my Samsung S8+ Works great with digits.


    I just got a Gear S3 watch that works great when connected with bluetooth. Get's all calls and texts. But as soon as I walk away from my phone and the watch goes in to standalone mode, an error pops up that says auto forwarding cannot be used. Watch won't receive calls from my digits line (but the watch will work if you call it's number directly).


    I have the watch's number setup in the Gear app on the phone to auto forward to it.  I'm not able to setup the Watch's number in my digits account either. 


    Since the duplicate line doesn't actually work if you call the number on the sim directly, I'm wondering if that's why calls that come in to my digits number aren't being forwarded to the watch?


    How do I get around this?

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