Gear S3 call forwarding not working




    I have a Samsung S8+ setup to auto forward calls to my Gear S3 when not connected via bluetooth.  However, whenever I am away from my phone and the watch goes in to standalone mode, I get an error that pops up on the watch saying unable to forward calls to the watch.  I have call forwarding on the gear turned on as well. What am I missing?



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      • stevetjr

        Re: Gear S3 call forwarding not working

        Did you enter the Gear's phone number in the Gear App on the phone?  Occasionally I get that also but it is usually when I turn the phone off.

        • stevetjr

          Re: Gear S3 call forwarding not working

          That's weird, the only other thing I can think to check/verify is your Gear's number.  Have you tried calling your Gear directly?  Remember it won't ring if it is connected to your phone (via Bluetooth) so try putting in in stand alone mode and then call the number and see if you get the call on your Gear.  Maybe that's why the call forwarding isn't working because it can't verify the connection by connecting with your phone which is why it also probably doesn't work when the phone is completely turned off.

            • g_unit

              Re: Gear S3 call forwarding not working

              Did that and called the Gear directly. The Gear does get the call.


              But with the Gear in standalone mode, and still connected remotely to the phone, when calling my phone number, the Gear is still not getting the call.


              The only thing I can think of is that my S8+ is using a digits line (The Gear is not on Digits) as a duplicate line (a duplicate SIM with it's own number).  The phone number on the SIM is not my actual mobile number. And when trying to call the phone directly instead of the digit number, the call fails.  The SIM number doesn't actually work, so maybe that's why the auto forward doesn't work?

            • rbryinc

              Re: Gear S3 call forwarding not working

              Intersting.  My watch forwards, SOMETIMES.  A lot of the time when I get out of range of my phone I get can not connect message and then nothing works.  Does not happen often but it happens more then it should