Problem with Tmobile numbers and TWC/Spectrum and Caller ID




    Okay so when I call my home phone number (which is a TWC/Spectrum number) from either of my two tmobile pay as you go phones, which are two different numbers on two different phones, instead of the home phone recognizing the numbers as mine through its caller ID like it normally does, it states they are an "unavailable unknown number".  I just noticed this problem today. As far as I can be sure it worked correctly a week ago.


    Actually the way the problem started (today) was that I was first getting a recorded message after dialing my home phone number from my tmobile phones stating that the number I was trying to reach (my home phone) does not accept calls from callers that block their number (words to that effect).


    So I went into my Spectrum/TWC account and changed the call blocked plus/basic from plus to basic so this way my phone call would get through to the home phone because my home phone seems to be treating my two tmobile phones as having their caller id shut off - which they don't.


    Now the calls can get through but as first stated my home phone won't recognize my two tmobile phones and states they have an unavailable unknown number. Also, note, the handset that handles my home phone has both of these numbers stored in its phonebook as well.


    I also just noticed my friends tmobile phone is doing the same when he calls the line.


    I have another cell phone that has tracphone service, and that is recognized by my twc/phone handset correctly.


    I did call tmobile to ask about it and they looked at my account and they say that there are no caller id blocks on the account. We went through the phone settings and all settings were set appropriately and the phones themselves (LG 450, and a Lumia 640) have no number block on it with call reject off and the list empty of numbers and send my number is set correctly.   Also, If I call other phones with the tmobile phones, the caller id on those phones identifies my phone through the caller ID they have. It is only when I call my home phone - the spectrum/twc number - that the numbers are unrecognized and treated as if they have caller ID shut off/disabled.


    I have asked about this at the TWC forum as well. I'm not certain of the origin of the problem since other cell phone providers do give their caller ids to the TWC home phone and as well, the tmobile phones are giving caller id to other phones - cell phones. So both seem to work right as long as it is not with each other.


    Thanks for any assistance.

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      • magenta1402798

        Just wanted to add that I bought a new home phone and attached it to the twc home line just to eliminate the possibility that it is the other home phone unit itself that is the issue. The problem continues..

          • magenta1402798

            Okay I just received a call from a ticket agent I was waiting for on my TWC/Spectrum home phone. The call came up as "unavailable - unknown caller" which is unusual. So I asked the agent if he uses Tmobile and he said yes.


            I wonder does anyone here have TWC/spectrum phone service? If you call it with your tmobile phone, does the caller ID read it properly or does it state unavailable unknown caller?

          • magenta1408434

            I have this exact same problem. T-Mobile numbers are showing up unavailable on my Time Warner/Spectrum home phone caller ID.

            • magenta1390591

              The problem is a glitch between TMobile & Time Warner/Spectrum. It started abruptly 4-5 days ago. I talked with TWC a couple of days ago, and the first question the tech who actually knew something asked was: Are you using TMobile? He wrote up a "work order" & that's the last I heard.


              I called TMobile this afternoon, and when I finally got to a "Tech" person, she knew nothing--only that there was "no problem" with the lines in my area. When I mentioned the problem is connected to TWC, she wandered away for awhile, then came back and finally told me "their engineers" were aware of the problem & were working on it.


              So that's the definitive answer. "They" know something is wrong, and they're "working on it." Meanwhile, don't try to call a TWC phone from your TMobile cell phone, especially if you're paying for the service...which, gosh, I guess we are.

                • magenta1402798

                  Yeah when I called tmobile a couple days ago they had no clue.


                  I then spoke with a level 3 tech guy yesterday morning at TWC/Spectrum after making contact at their forum. He told me the same that they are aware of a problem between Tmobile and TWC/spectrum and that engineers on both sides are working on it but they don't have an exact time for a fix. He thought maybe a few days hopefully but can't say for sure.


                  Best is to keep the call block set on basic so calls can get through. On plus they will get a message (or go to voice mail depending on settings).


                  BTW, I tried to get back on this forum to let people know what I heard from TWC/spectrum yesterday morning but I couldn't log in for some reason. It kept saying they had no record of me. Just in general I've had a lot of problems navigating the website here. Logins don't work sometimes, trying to find the chat feature ends up in frustration etc as it shuffles you around only to tell you you are not logged in when you are. I like tmobile - the $3 plan i don't think can be beat and the customer service are generally friendly, but man the website is one of the worst I have seen in terms of login issues, navigation, getting help,  etc.


                  Be nice if Tmobile themselves could update what's going on with this on their end. I could be wrong but the impression I got was the issue lay mostly there.

                • magenta1413046

                  I've had the same problem with my T Mobile phone not going through at all to Spectrum phones since middle of last week. I get a recording saying I need to unblock my number, but it's not blocked. I called Spectrum/TWC and they said they are aware of the problem with T Mobile numbers but have no time frame regarding when the issue will be fixed. Very frustrating.

                  • tmo_chris

                    Hey folks!


                    Sorry for the delay in responding to yall. I did just verify that this is a known issue here on our side and are working with TWC to resolve the issue. I know it’s a huge bummer but we appreciate everyone's patience!

                      • magenta1402798

                        Thanks for letting us know Chris. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

                        • magenta1444358

                          Hi Chris,  We have had the same problem but it just began within the last 14 days.  Through 29 April 2017 the Caller ID from our TMobile cell phone was always appearing on our SpectrumTimeWarner landline phone.  After that date we only see "Unavailable Out Of Area".  I called SpectrumTimeWarner and there is no problem they were able to detect.  It seems that sometime after 29 April the Caller ID was no longer going successfully from TMobile to SpectrumTimeWarner.  I called TMobile on May 4 and twice on May 6 to try to get this resolved.  (I spoke to Lae, Alice, and Eunice on those calls.)  Eunice informed me on May 6 at about 5:40 pm PDT that the caller ID problem should be fixed within 72 hours.  Today is May 12 and the problem is still not fixed.  I spoke today May 12 with William at about 7:30 pm PDT.  He said he found TMobile Policy Document number 415149 that TMobile is not transmitting Caller ID to SpectrumTimeWarner when the TMobile cell phone is a prepaid account.  I asked him what the date was on this Policy Document.  He said the Document does not have a date.  I said that we customers were not informed when this new policy was put into effect.  Apparently it has just been put into effect since 29 April 2017.  Or perhaps this is a new Policy Document that is trying to cover up a problem that TMobile and SpectrumTimeWarner cannot figure out how to fix?  We know that our prepaid TMobile cell phone still sends Caller ID info to other cell phones even if they are not TMobile.  So for some reason, the Caller ID is not going from TMobile to SpectrumTimeWarner landline.  Please advise us customers what the real situation is.  Thanks!

                            • tmo_chris

                              Hey magenta1444358,


                              No cover up here. This is a simple networking glitch between us and TWC. The first rep you spoke with more than likely filed a service request for this issue as it was not known to us at that time. Service request typically have a 72 hour turnaround time but it looks like this issue turned into a much larger issue with an fix that is going to take longer than 72 hours. The service request that you originally had filed was taken in as an example ticket and merged with other tickets that other specialists had filed. When you called in on the 12th and the rep told you he found a "policy document" (just an internal communication notifying us that engineers were aware of the issue and working toward a resolution), we had collected enough examples to form a master ticket.


                              I apologize that this issue is taking longer to get resolved but it is definitely something that we can figure out and we are working with TWC to ensure a speedy resolution.