One thing that T-Mobile does with, it seems like, every ****** update is include another ****** notification to annoy the **** out of us users.


    When I first got the phone, years ago, every time you cycled the phone, you had to dismiss a stupid ***** "rear panel" notification.  And, every time you unplugged a usb, you got another freakin' notification you had to dismiss.


    THEN, we get a stupid ***** "volume warning" notification, that can't be disabled.


    NOW we are saddled with another notification telling me, every ****** time I unplug the USB that my f*&%#ing phone is muted that I can't disable.




    I know that the first two at the very least can be disabled on other providers' phones because I have friends that have s5's on verizon and they have a check box that allows you to disable these god-forsaken, asinine notifications.




    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that I should have to even take the time to write this stupid rant post.




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      • tmo_mike_c


        Yikes tynnmahn !


        That's brutal hearing that these notifications are so annoying for you. We do wanna help you out as best as we can. Which Galaxy are you using? Can you tell us what software version you're running. I did see a setting within the notification tray that could be helpful. For example, when you slide the tray down from the top, there should be an option at the very end that says Notification Settings. When you tap that, I've seen the option to disable notifications for certain applications including system apps. Can you give that a shot? Please give us a holler back and let us know if those settings are what you're looking for. Thanks for posting.

          • tynnmahn


            It's an s5 running 6.0.1


            None of the notifications that I described above are associated with any one particular app.  They are SYSTEM notifications!!!!!!


            And, I honestly can't see why this is not a down right infuriating aggravation to anybody that uses a non-rooted s5 on T-Mobile's network.  The stupid "your phone is set to mute, you might miss a phone call" notification was JUST ADDED with the last minor update a few weeks ago.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: HOLY CRAP WITH THE ****** NOTIFICATIONS

                I see what you're saying.


                I did check with my contacts at Samsung and they let me know that there are some system notifications that unfortunately can't be disabled. For example, the high volume notification isn't one you can turn off. With that being said, there are some system notifications that can be disabled. The Note5 I took a look at is running 7.0, so if this option is available on the 6.0.1 version, it may be kinda hidden. Can you do me a favor and check go to Menu > Settings > Notifications and in top right corner, see if you have Advanced? After you tap that, see if you have 3 dots stacked in a vertical line in the upper right hand side. You'll need to tap those 3 dots, and tap Show system apps. From there, you should see the list of apps update to include system applications and it should let you switch a few of them off. I know that was quite a bit of instruction so I hope I didn't lose you. I promise you, I'm not trying to send you on a wild goose chase through your phone, I just really want to make sure we try everything we can. I can't speak for other Note5 users and how this effecting them, but I do really want help you so please keep me posted.

            • tidbits


              sadly you may think this has to do with T-Mobile, but this is a Samsung and Android thing.  Those notification things are either security or safety things built into the OS by Samsung or Google.


              Samsung has been through the whole safety thing lately.  Google is making their OS more transparent in the event someone does compromise your device using certain methods.

              • tynnmahn

                Re: HOLY CRAP WITH THE ****** NOTIFICATIONS

                As to the Volume and stupid "your phone is muted" notifications I can not speak.  But the first two, the "check the back cover" and "make sure the usb port is covered" notifications CAN BE optioned to be turned off.  As I stated, I have a friend that has a verizon s5 and his phone has a little box that allows him to hide the stupid notification (As I stated in the original post).


                This is an s5, not a Note 5.  So, the steps you listed above don't really work.


                There is not "menu"
                There is a "Settings"
                There is no "Notifications"
                There is a "Notifications and Sound"


                Inside the Notifications and Sound, there is no options like you have described.

                  • tmo_mike_c

                    Re: HOLY CRAP WITH THE ****** NOTIFICATIONS

                    Ah okay. I see what you mean. I did find an S5 and the option's there, but it's a little bit different. I found the option by following this path: Settings > Sounds and notification > Application notifications > tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner > Show system apps. If there is a system app that can be disabled, it's most likely there.


                    I'm curious about your friend's phone and this check box option they have. Do you know how they get to it exactly? It might me a stretch, but do you think they could send you a screenshot so you could post it here? I wanna show my Samsung folks to see if we can shine some light on this.

                      • tynnmahn

                        Re: HOLY CRAP WITH THE ****** NOTIFICATIONS

                        First of all, this forum is a real pain.  It just seems like you guys are going out of your way to make this process as painful as possible to discourage people from bringing problems to you.


                        I click on "Full Discussion" from my e-mail.  I've been logged out of the site since my last visit.  I go to log in, there is no option to "stay logged in".  I log in.  Instead of being redirected back to the page I was on when I clicked "login", I get sent somewhere else.  Now I have to navigate back to this page.


                        For some reason as I type, sometimes my cursor jumps up to the end of the previous line.  Doesn't happen anywhere else but here.




                        As for the notification settings, I see what you are saying but, as there is no way to filter the app so that I only get "System Apps, and not knowing which app specifically I'm looking for to disable the notifications, this is really a non-starter.  Would be nice if it would filter out all the non system apps instead of just adding them.  Seriously, just, wow.


                        As for the Verizon phone, It isn't like this is some big secrete.  Here is an article explaining it and how to disable the things on T-Mobile's phone:




                        Relevant quote from said article:  "If you own the Samsung Galaxy S5 on Verizon or Sprint, you can remove these popups.  Most users, without even paying attention, already probably did this.  Once they popup after you unplug the charger or reboot, simply scroll down and select the 'don't show this message again' box.  Sadly, if you're like me and have an AT&T or T-Mobile Galaxy S5, you're stuck with these messages each and every single day; unless you hack your Galaxy S5."


                        I don't know why you are acting like Samsung is sooooo clueless about this.


                        I especially like the part of the article that says, "I don't know about you guys, but I don't need to be told more than once or twice that I need to do this to ensure my $600 phone doesn't get ruined.  Let alone every single time I charge it.  That's often multiple times a day.  Thanks for the 150 reminders, Samsung."


                        Anyway, as I have already stated, this in not an option for me as, I do NOT have any desire to root my phone.


                        Oh wow, now, when I try to click "add reply" on this p.o.s. forum, I get a message saying it couldn't be sent and if it persists I should contact my administrator....


                        How can this crap NOT be intentional?

                          • tmo_mike_c

                            Re: HOLY CRAP WITH THE ****** NOTIFICATIONS

                            That's making the site a pain to use is the exact opposite of what we're trying to do. Sorry it's giving you grief. Are you logging in through out mobile version or through the desktop? What browser are you using? Have you tested any other browsers to see if these issues follow. I just wanna collect some additional info from you so we can have this checked out for you. We want to make your forum experience so this info will definitely help us, so we can help you.


                            As for the notifications, there just may not be a way disable those notifications and I apologize they're being such a pain. I do appreciate you trying my suggestions, but I feel like at this point, if there was a way to disable them, the setting would be a bit more obvious and easier to find. I really do wish I had more to offer for notifications.