S8:  Can You Buddy Tag & List SD Apps



    I was a happy and avid Samsung S4 user for several years.  Unfortunately, it died a few weeks ago.


    Well, my sad face turned into a smile as I replaced it with a S8; this is a super phone -- heck, it is more like a a pocket PC that is a communications device!


    I have been working my way through the all of its features, but there are two things that were quite useful on my S4, but can't figure out how to do it on the S8:

    * On my S4, I could Buddy Tag photos, using the Gallery App.  Is it possible to do so on S8?  If so, how?

    * On my S4, when I went to Settings and then Apps, I could select a "tab" that would list all the apps that could be moved to SD card and if they were on SD card, they were checked.  Again, Ii it possible to do so on S8?  If so, how?


    Appreciate any recommendation and assistance!

    Thank you

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: S8:  Can You Buddy Tag & List SD Apps

        Hey rsnic!


        Thanks for posting, and congrats on the (serious!) upgrade. I took a tour of the S8's user manual, and I'm sad to say that the phrase "buddy" doesn't appear once, so I think that feature is gone with the new device and OS. The only "tag" options that the manual references are for GPS location tags on photos -- which could be a neat feature to use for sorting purposes, but definitely isn't the same. I will say from my novice experience with Google Photos, though, that if you're syncing photos from your device to their app, then the interface there does smart recognition of faces and will help you tag your photos with their members. I know it's not the same as having that functionality integrated with the device itself, but maybe could be a good substitute!


        Regarding the SD card app storage ask, I wasn't able to find any mention of a list view for these storage preferences. I did read on a few different sites that since the SD storage for the S8 isn't "adoptable", but rather functions as a separate storage entity, not all apps will show the settings options to change the storage location - so it seems as though you'll need to go app by app to determine what can and can't be moved.


        How are you liking the new phone so far? Do you have any other questions we can help with?


        - Marissa

          • rsnic

            Re: S8:  Can You Buddy Tag & List SD Apps



            Using a "throwback phrase", let me apply Reverse Polish Notation and address your comments.


            The new phone is super; I am still figuring out many of it's fantastic features.  While it carries on with the ability to add in a MicroSD card, sure wish you could change batteries out like I could on my old S4 -- but that is not a knock on the device at all!


            Am not sure I mad myself clear on question about Apps on SD card, so let me try again.  I have moved several apps over to the SD card (quite honestly, because while there is much, much more available memory in this phone that my old S4, I know that it will get filled :-))  To do that, however,using SETTINGS> APPS, I had to go through each app individually, click on STORAGE and see if it could be moved -- Ugh, that was not fun!  To make it more challenging, seems like whenever an App gets updated, it ends up back in phone storage, regardless of where it was before.


            On the S4, the was a tab (one of three as I recall) off of  SETTINGS> APPS, that gave you a list of Apps that could be moved to SD card, each with a check box; if the App was on the SD card, the box was checked and you could move those that adaptable to the SD card, all you had to was literally check the box.  So what I am asking is whether there is some way to list Apps that can be adapted to SD card.


            Well as for Buddy Tags, oh, well, sure was nice while it lasted.