US Cellular EDGE priority too high


    I am in Northern NH where Verizon and US Cellular have the strongest coverage.  I chose T-Mobile because I found that when T-Mobile LTE signal strength is low the service will automatically jump over to US Cellular Edge.  It is slow but usable data and phone calls are fine.  The problem is that when I move back into T-Mobile LTE area it will stay on USC until the LTE strength is higher than USC strength as if they have the same priority.


    For example:


    • The neighboring town has T-Mobile LTE.  On the drive home the signal strength gradually goes from full strength to about 1 bar
    • If I go to an area of the house with no LTE signal or power cycle the phone, it will lock onto USC Edge, full strength
    • If I drive back towards the T-Mobile tower it is not until the T-Mobile LTE signal strength is higher than the USC Edge that the phone locks onto the T-Mobile LTE


    It seems like there is a priority issue possible giving equivalent priority for when USC upgrades to VoLTE but for now it is a big issue for me.  T-Mobile suggested that I manually switch the carrier as I move in and out of fringe areas to which I respond that this was a basic function that should happen automatically.  This should be equivalent to T-Mobile changing between HSPA+ and LTE based on signal strength but it isn't functioning this way.


    Device: iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S

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      • dragon1562

        Re: US Cellular EDGE priority too high

        To be honest this isn't entirely T-mobiles fault. Your device which in this case is the iPhone is determine that the best connection is the US Cellular one over the LTE connection. The only thing you can do is ether choose to manually connect to the t-mobile one or to put the device in and out of airplane mode so that its forced to research for a connection. I know its a pain but thats the best solution for the short term.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: US Cellular EDGE priority too high

          Hello there wilderwire  and thanks for coming to our support site!


          I gotta tell ya, I agree with dragon1562  on this one. I believe the iPhone is designed this way in an effort to give you the most stable connection at that time. In some cases, it may be a roaming partner but it won't always be that way everywhere. Fortunately, T-Mobile is continuing to make network changes to expand our network footprint and provide even better service. As mentioned above, manually searching is gonna be the best way to latch on to T-Mobile based on the example you mentioned.