Windows App Bugs


    Here's some additional Windows app bugs I've encountered today:


    1. The call log was intermittently showing and not showing calls from my iPhone. Now it's not showing any call logs at all.

    2. My Exchange contacts also disappeared from the app.

    3. Voicemails are not showing in the app.

    4. The meetings page is stuck at "loading meetings".


    Seems there's some intermittent issues with the DIGITS service today.

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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Windows App Bugs

        Yes. I faced the same issue. Further my VIRTUAL lines in S7 Edge went to Not Ready To Use several times. May be they are doing a maintenance upgrade. I did some work around. I disabled all the virtual lines and then logged out and restarted my phone and logged in. A little bit time consuming but it worked. I believe I did not do that more than 2  3 times today,.

          • mallardnathan

            Re: Windows App Bugs

            Thanks for the info! Glad to know others have been having issues today, so it does sound like maintenance. My Internet has also been in and out today due to a storm, so I guess that also has contributed to my DIGITS woes today. :-)

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Windows App Bugs

            Hey mallardnathan - thanks as always for your diligent reporting! Do things seem to have evened out since this post, or are you still having the same issues?


            - Marissa