Scam ID and Scam Block for DIGITS Virtual Lines


    Is there a way I can add Scam ID and Scam Block to DIGITS Virtual Lines at the moment?

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      • debjitjdv

        Not sure what phone you are using. In my Galaxy S7 Edge, I can explicitly block any anonymous call call and any other number that I want to block. Once its blocked for the primary sim card, its blocked for the virtual lines as well. Basically SAMSUNG phones block that number from reaching the device itself. Same holds for Nexus devices. If you are using iPhone, then possibly you can make a contact with all the SPAM caller IDS and enable block this caller. This is the work around. I don't believe DIGITS have any explicit call blocking mechanism as of now which otherwise will be useful for DIGITS App users in iPhone, Windows and Non-Samsung Android phones.

        • barcodeable

          Are there any fees and/or taxes to add the Scam ID feature?  It says in small print that there are fees for T-Mobile One Customers that are on the tax inclusive plan.