Sync Deleted Messages on DIGITS


    Is there a way to have DIGITS sync deleted messages between devices (so when I delete a message or thread on one device, it deletes them on all devices)? That's an issue I had with iMessage (and other SMS services) that has always irked me and something I'd love to see in DIGITS.

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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Sync Deleted Messages on DIGITS

        As of now no. The reason is once the message arrives in your device, DIGITS stores / caches it locally. So even if you remove the message from one of the device, the DIGITS app in other devices do make any server query to see if they have any stale messages neither the DIGITS app from which you deleted the message conveys the same to the DIGITS server. That would be a nice feature but may overload the server. Its updo DIGITS team to figure out whether they want to put that load on DIGITS server. It should not be that difficult though as every DIGITS line has a 25MB cloud storage added and its just cloud based query that DIGITS has to do.

        • magenta1456635

          Re: Sync Deleted Messages on DIGITS

          Yes. This would be very nice ose people who use a lot of devices and get many messages. It's a pain to delete all those messages and figure out which one you deleted/saved etc on different devices. If its a matter of having sufficient servers than it comes down really to T-Mobiles committment to this. Very helpful for wearables particulatly as they add live calling features etc.